Breaking news from the Jericho 'Save the boatyard Campaign'

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Oxford boatyard court demo

Our court case has been adjourned until such time as a judge can rule on our call for an adjournment for judicial review on grounds of British Waterways (BW) breaching our article 8 rights of the 1998 European human rights acts, by closing the boatyard. So we have now a stay of execution and an opportunity to adress BW policy on this matter. This is cutting new ground as a body of precident has yet to be set on the use of the human rights act, in fact The house of Lords have a tabled motion to debate whether citizens can use the act to defend against eviction. The high court does not currently concur but the european court does, the court of appeals has ruled in favour backing up the european court so the House of Lords must decide. The cases involved have revolved around the gypsy issue.
BW were visibly shaken by the outcome, with Eugene Baston [BW external relation] looking rather sick and probably worried that he may end up the fall guy for this debarkle. The mainstream press came down the yard to interview the campaigners who are all greatly relieved.

Now we can continue planning our historic theatre night for Nov 20th featuring an adaptation of Rambling Rose a story based on live on the canal at the turn of the century. All proceeds to the 'Save the Boatyard Campaign'.

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