Update on Drake’s Island Occupation

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Trident Drake's Island 2

19th May 2005

Devonport Camp 2005
During the day, Drake’s Island has been evacuated and the camp has been transferred to Devil’s Point on the Plymouth shore, which is situated just across from the island. About 30 people are currently camping in an old water reservoir, which is now dry, which was squatted under the noses of a vanful of police officers who were lurking around the car park close to the site. The site is nice with good disabled access and moved lawns, banners are in place as well as toilets, a kitchen, a registration tent and a bigger meeting tent.

Protestors have gathered from Derby, London, Bristol, Penzance, Totnes, The Independent Republic of Tichmorend, New Hampshire, Ã…land, and Plymouth among other places. A special division of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army has arrived from Totnes. The coach from Bristol and Exeter will bring more people from Ireland and the Nordic region.

The blockade will start around 6:30 am tomorrow morning at Camel’s Head Gate, police eager to ’facilitate’ protest (’how many lock-ons?’, ’how many people will be on the bus?’, ’what’s for dinner tonight?’), media really keen to cover from early morning, cameras from SkyNews, BBC, ITV etc will hopefully show up. The atmosphere in the camp is good, despite the rain and the fog. Hoping for good weather tomorrow. And a successful blockade. More reports will follow.