Free Jeff Luers Solidarity Action in Edinburgh

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On the night of June 12th 2005 in Edinburgh there was a benefit gig for Jeff Free Luers that ended with a confrontation in front of the American consulate.

Earlier in the day a short film was shown about Jeff "Free" Luers to a large audience, and as night continued a punk benefit gig began. The bands that played ranged from an inspiring set by local anarcho-punk legends "Oi Polloi" to a high-energy set from thrashmasters "Wardead". In between sets, various people from the audience stood up to speak about the importance of defending political prisoners and direct action. It was a great turn-out and lots of people were inspired to helpout defend political prisoners.

Later in the night, an impromptu band of people spontaneously gathered to spread the word on the streets of Edinburgh. The group marched with a large banner that read "Free Jeff Luers, Free the Land" and attracted attention from people on

Edinburgh's main street. The march gathered more interested people and began marching to the American consulate. At the consulate a large American flag was lit of fire as a warning to the American government that they should free political prisoners like Jeff or face international consequences.

As the burning flag was left on the front door of the consulate, the police eventually reacted and tried to arrest the group. While those that burnt the flag and most of the group escaped arrest, three people were captured by the police. They were held for the extraordinarily long time of thirty hours (by Scottish standards) and released.

Although Jeff "Free" Luers is an political prisoner from far away, all prisoners who are captured in defense of mother earth must be defended across the globe. This one flag burning should serve as a warning shot to the corrupt prisons of the USA. Our thoughts and hearts go out to Jeff. Our passion for freedom is stronger than any prison.

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