3 Arrested After Peace Slogans Painted at Trident Base

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Evil Trident graffitti

4th September 2005

At noon today three peace activists were arrested after the main entrance to the nuclear weapon base at Faslane was covered in anti-Trident messages.

The activists were: Morag Balfour (32), from Glenrothes ,the peace and disarmament spokesperson for the Scottish Socialist Party; Jean Oliver (47), an administrator from Biggar; Barbara Dowling, a retired local government worker from Glasgow.

The women painted "Terrorism", "Evil", "Make Trident History", "Bread not Bombs" and other messages on the gate of the base, on the roadway, on road signs and on the two official signs to the base which flank the entrance. They were held for several hours inside the base and charged with malicious mischief.

The women were motivated by their distress at the existence of the base and the reality of Britain’s weapons of mass destruction. Morag said: "There is nothing at Faslane to indicate what its monstrous purpose is. The truth needs to be told."

There have been 11 arrests since the Trident Ploughshares camp at Coulport on Loch Long began last Saturday.

The camp continues until Saturday 10th September.

For more information and for printable quality photos contact the Trident Ploughshares camp on 0845 45 88 361