15th October - Nationwide Day of Local Action against Royal Bank of Scotland - Truro...

RBS action day flierInspired by the Camp for Climate Action? Don't wait till next year to take part in collective direct action against the causes of climate change. At this year’s Camp, the Rising Tide network called a Day of Local Action against RBS, major backer of the aviation industry, key funder of the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) pipeline currently tearing up the Welsh
countryside, and the world's self-described ‘Oil and Gas Bank’.

This is a call for groups and individuals across the land to take creative, local, direct action against RBS on Monday 15th October.


RBS provides oil companies with the cash to build and operate drilling rigs, pipelines and oil tankers. And through Aviation Capital, RBS helps airlines to launch ever more planes – and carbon emissions – into the skies. From West Africa to the Ecuadorian rainforest, from the North Sea to the Middle East, RBS loans play a key role in forcing open the new carbon frontier, which contributes to environmental destruction, disruption of indigenous peoples and increased conflict across the planet.

RBS is the second-largest bank in Europe and has global assets of over $1120 billion, including UK brands NatWest, Direct Line and Churchill Insurance. Despite creating a heavily greenwashed public image through sponsorship of sports and the arts, RBS activities have major destructive impacts on the environment and society. The thirty oil and gas finance deals RBS signed between 2001 and 2006 locked us all into 655 million tonnes of emissions over the next 15 years, more than the UK’s entire annual emissions.

The financial institutions funnelling cash into fossil fuel projects have stood in the shadows for far too long. They may be many miles removed from oil rigs and runways, safely ensconced in shiny glass towers, but if the profit motive is at the heart of the climate crisis, the banks are as culpable as the oil and airline industries. On 15th October, it’s time to switch our spotlight onto one of the biggest climate criminals of all:
RBS, the leading financier of climate change.

Get together with your local group, build on connections made at the Camp, reach out to others in your area... and on 15th October, get out in the streets where you live and confront RBS with your own chosen style of creative direct action.


For more information download PLATFORM’s report on RBS, The Oil and Gas Bank.

To find the nearest RBS to you click here.

For help with planning effective actions visit the Network for Climate Action.




WHERE: Outside Royal Bank of Scotland, Green St (off Lemon Quay), Truro
WHEN: 12 noon, Mon 15th Oct
CONTACT: howard@phonecoop.coop