Plane Stupid Callout for Local Groups

Plane Stupid Callout for Local GroupsPlane Stupid ( is calling out for local Plane Stupid groups to form to fight the fastest growing cause of climate change (aviation) in your area. Plane Stupid thinks that local groups taking action in their area but within a wider network of Plane Stupid activists is the best way to fight the unsustainable growth of the aviation industry. If you would like to set up a group in your area all you need is a few enthusiastic members committed to using direct action to fight climate change.

The 2003 Aviation White Paper outlines plans for between double and triple the current number of passenger flights. This involves massive airport expansion all over Britain at rate equivalent to the building of a new Heathrow every 5 years. The UK's top climatologists predict that aviation's emissions alone are predicted to exceed the government's target for the country's entire output of greenhouse gases in 2050 by around 134%. (Tyndall Centre for Climate

Plane Stupid has become one of the direct action groups of the emerging grassroots climate movement in Britain. Our dramatic impact has come by means of a series of high-profile direct actions and a near obsessive focus on clear, basic demands that people understand: the scrapping of airport expansion plans, a tax on aircraft fuel and
plane tickets, and an end to unnecessary and unsustainable short haul flights.

Since we formed in less than 18 months ago; we have disrupted the world's largest international aviation industry conference in Central London; grounded planes through the occupation of a taxiway at the short-haul East Midlands Airport; blocked the entrance to BAA's headquarters at Heathrow twice; staged a roof-top protest at easyJet's corporate headquarters in London, temporarily shut down tens of travel agents across the UK and helped angry Heathrow residents disrupt the transport minister's speech. We also inspired and oversaw Britain's first national day of action against short haul flights, which saw local groups hold demonstrations at six regional airports and outside Flight Centre travel agents in cities across the UK.

Government and industry's profiteering from creating catastrophic climate change will go unchecked unless YOU do something today! Join us by setting up a local group with some like minded people in your area to help us scrap airport expansion, get aviation fuel and tickets taxed and ending short haul flights.

Contact or call 07948 219 493 for advice on setting up a local group or for someone to come and speak in your area about Plane Stupid. Also on the 12th and 13th of May we will be at the Campaign against Climate Change conference in London ( where you can come and speak to us.