Faslane blockaded twice in three days during Euro Days of Action to Ban Nukes

6 APRIL 2010

Following Saturday's pan-European actions at nuclear weapons bases (see http://www.vredesactie.be/campaign.php?id=12 for details), more than a dozen Trident Ploughshares activists today revisited Faslane, home of the UK's nuclear weapons. The protesters intend to ensure that high on the agenda of the election called by Gordon Brown today is the UK's nuclear weapons and their threat to global security.

The protestors peacefully blockaded the base and ensured that activity at the base was disrupted.

A spokesperson said, 'we enjoyed taking part in Saturday's symbolic blockade at the North Gate, but we recognise the need to send a more serious message, and have returned today to exercise our civic responsibility under International Law, to do what we can to stop the work of preparing and maintaining these horrific weapons of mass destruction. At this time of year we reassert our message of Easter, that love is more powerful than hate, and life is more powerful than death'.


Janet Fenton was arrested for cutting down the sign 'Faslane Nuclear depot' as a symbol of the day that the base will close. Morag Balfour was helping with that but was only arrested after a spraying painting a message. Brian Larkin, Eurig Scandrett, Barbara Dowling and Jean Oliver were arrested for blocking the gateway locked together.

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