LNG Pipeline protest update... the battle goes on :)

A lot of people fought long & hard against the 200 mile LNG pipeline from Milford Haven to Gloucester. Now that is laid in the ground it is hard to see what is worth fighting for.

Many people originally involved in this campaign are against fossil fuel use & the fact is that the gas is going to come down that pipe even if it is at a lower pressure. So why keep campaigning on a lost cause? We owe it to all the people living along the length of the pipeline to continue to campaign against the PRI being built & making sure that the pipeline is as safe as it can be. We cannot leave it to National Grid to protect these people, just look at their track record!

The pipeline is laid and the terminals in Milford Haven are now operational, nothing is going to stop National Grid using more of the earths resources after spending billions on this project. One of the main concerns all along has been safety. This is where we can really make a difference by opposing the PRI ever being built. If there is no PRI then the gas will have to be pumped through the pipeline at a lower pressure which will make it safer for the thousands of people living nearby. It is vital people raise their concerns about the safety of the pipe. See the local news article at http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/gloucestershireheadlines/National...

When the appeal goes ahead as many people as possible need to get involved to voice their concerns & objections. If National Grid win the appeal then the campaign needs to look at whether people involved want to take further steps to obstruct National Grid. This may mean some more direct actions if there are people willing.

Only a few weeks ago a natural gas pipeline exploded in the USA leaving 5 dead and dozens injured. See the news report at http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/08/nyregion/08explode.html

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