Squatted Proposed Tesco Site - Eviction Resisted This Morning In Bristol + various Tescos bricked & painted overnight

9th March 2010
A former comedy club, Cheltenham Rd, Bristol, proposed to be yet another Tesco Metro, but now turned into a temporary social centre - at which there has been an event on for the last fortnight, withstood an eviction attempt this morning.

It was around 9am that I received info that jesters was being evicted by the time I got there around 30 people were already on the ground supporting with numerous others inside and on the flat roof. This included someone up a 12ft high tripod...as well as one cool looking customer in shades sitting on a deck chair next to his tent!

A passing van, decided to park right in front of where they would presumably have initial access !

There was two van loads of bailiffs...they looked fairly standard...no climbing gear - and crucially in terms of the tripod - no sign of a cherry picker. This follows a pattern in building (as opposed to tree ) evictions where there is going to be resistance they turn up ready for a normal eviction, and then (after a chat with the one police car which turned up) left with out acting. It's likely that they will turn up, tooled up, possibly with climbing bailiffs - most likely at a more unsociable hour in the next few days. So keep your phone on..and if you can, come and join the people staying in the building.

At 10.30 the number swelled to around 100, the Bristol Freeshop lads brought some crap fridges and dumped them outside the front doors , getting a rid of them and barricading the building from outside at the same time huge barricades erected inside protecting all entrances to the building. they shall not pass!


A message from Jester's Comedy Squat:

NO to Tescos. The latest battle and the upcoming struggle at the Jester's Comedy Squat.

A message from Jester's Comedy Squat resisting yet another TECOS in Bristol.

Today, Tuesday the 9th of March 2010, bureaucrats, private bailiffs and contractors turned up at 140 Cheltenham Road the site of the old Jester's Comedy Club. The owners, Tescos, received a possession order from the courts last month and the goons had arrived this morning to carry it out.

They were denied entry.

They will always be denied entry no matter how many corporate scumbags, bailiffs, security and police turn up.

This was the first eviction attempt and we are ready for the next one, be it in the next few days or a month.

We therefore calling for help from anyone that can spare it. We need to be even more ready for the next attempt. That means fortifying and barricading the building better. It means cooking and cleaning inside, carrying on with the events that we have been doing, and keeping the spirit alive.

Outside we need to be talking to people around us to explain what we are doing and why.

Thank you to everyone that turned up this morning, it was really appreciated. Next time they will come back with more forces and it would be great to get us all out again. Loads of us on the street outside really helps, makes people inside feel stronger and can make the difference!

We support the attack on the Tescos in Redfield. We see that their actions and our occupation are part of a broad struggle with different ways of resisting Tescos and its take over of our city. Solidarity is one of our most important weapons that we have in this fight.

Helping each other out completely undermines what this system is trying to do to our lives and this planet.

Come down! Anything you can do helps, and 'every little hurts' them!


Tescos trashed

In the early hours of the 9th of march the Tesco store on Gloucester road Bristol was damage attacked. Windows and cctv destroyed message left. This is a response to Tesco’s increasing onslaught on our lives and the gentrification and homogenisation of our environment. Reform is impossible. Capitalism is fundamentaly insane. Lets brick their banal comodified reality. It was fun. It was easy. It will be done again you pricks.


In the beginning of hours of Tuesday morning, the Broadmead branch of Tesco in Bristol attacked. The multiple windows and the doors were crushed before those relative that escaped in the night. Even if these actions have been taken in the momentum of the No Tesco in Stokes Croft campaign, we want to underline that our effort is not limited in such. Local, independent, organic or green capitalism would be equally worthy of attack, with the facades of company that are only one from a lot of objectives. Did these metres be taken in the solidarity with the squatted Jester's comedy club that, with their way, resists in the rise of corporate control. May your barricades stands powerful, but the rebel in you is bolder than any barred door. We remember also the companions that are jailed for the similar action after the last demonstration of Gaza. No repression will not deter us. Every little helps.


Tesco smashed and sprayed in Fishponds, Bristol

Tesco Metro attacked with brick and spray paint at 2 am this morning - windows smashed and 'no more Tesco' sprayed on both sides of store

At 2 am this morning, Tesco Metro on Lodge Causeway was attacked with bricks and spray, with broken windows and "no more Tesco" sprayed on both sides of the store.

This action is not to pressure not to build more Tesco stores, but as a total rejection of all they represent. We see Tesco as extreme form of the capitalist domination that entraps and enslaves us all.

Our message is simple: if you build up, we smash down.

For a world free of capitalist exploitation and authoritarian rule (A)


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