Call for workshops at the Earth First! Summer Gathering 2007

EF! summer gathering 2007 logoThis year's gathering is from 18 - 22 July in Norfolk, near a mainline railway station.

The focus is on practical skills, but there will also be many of the regular diverse and interesting workshops.

The idea is to have multiple workshop sessions, e.g. four two-hour slots spread over four days building up skills in a particular area, so people can learn the basic skills to actually do the job at other mobilisations, events like the climate camp - or wherever. For example plumbing, electrical skills, medics...and whatever else people want to do... It's not just about the practical skills but also about getting to know each other and starting to work together.

If you would like to offer a workshop please write to:

Thanks - the EF! summer gathering collecting
General contact details etc at

please forward to people you think would be interested.