World Anti Mcdonalds Day

McDonalds World Food Day protest CambridgeMcCruelty: “We’re not lov’in it” – Cambridge

Two campaigners held a belated mini protest for World Day Against McDonalds today 18th Oct 08 in Cambridge city centre. The ‘What’s Wrong With McDonalds’ leaflets were distributed. (For a copy see ) Passers by showed an interest and took leaflets. Some people took pictures.

Back in June one of the activists was arrested on a walk in protest at the same McDonalds and is awaiting trial in December. The activist is charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act. See
A pre-trial hearing was held in July where a trial was set for September. However it was later postponed until December after a witness was apparently ill.


World anti mcdonalds day began for us in Coventry.Around 9 of us gave out hundreds of anti mcdonalds leaflets and yummy vegan burgers.Most of the public we're supportive,especially as there was free food,and showed genuine interest.One guy who started with "I hate vegans & love big juicy cheeseburgers" left with one of our burgers and a smile on his face.

We had the Mcdonalds manager,who proclaimed to be veggie,come out with:"What about vegetables,u kill vegetables!". Despite us telling him that vegetables have neither nervous system,brain or a heart beat...he disagreed(saying they did! haha).

It was really positive day,with no police hassle,and plenty of warmth from the public