Save the Spike Surplus Scheme

Spike skipThe Spike Surplus Scheme in Peckham (London) is under threat from Southwark Council which has threatened to sell off the land. Please sign the petition and help to save the only free creative space in Peckham.

THE Spike Surplus Scheme is under serious threat, we need help.

For a decade we have provided a creative community space alongside a community garden and dojo to aid the community’s well-being. Throughout the years a full range of musical and creative talent has passed through our doors from puppet shows to Manu Chao. [Hundreds of exciting local musician have used Spike facilities, raising their profiles through our services including advice and product. Spike has facilitated bands and other users on their roads to success. Courses are free and open to all.]

Please have a look at/sign the "Save The Spike Surplus Scheme" petition and forward to as many mates as possible.

please sign/forward petition at

Together we can move forward

check out website

or look us up under Peckham (history section) in wikipedia

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