New groups & contacts/support setting up a group

At the recent EF! Winter Moot, eight new EF! groups & contacts for rock-on ecological direct action were formed, with others just finally getting an email address. Some have addresses already - click on their name if linked for those details & perhaps more info...

Derby EF! |
Lancaster EF! |
Leeds EF! |
Norfolk & Waveney EF! |
Notts EF! |
Plymouth EF! |
Scotland Central Belt EF! |
West Wales EF! |

If you want to set-up an EF! group, check out the 'setting up a group' at What is Earth First!? and let us knowwhat you get up to, or if you need a hand.

The Earth First! Summer Gathering collective also now have an email address (note the date change in this separate news story):


2009 updates:

Bath Activist Network |
Kernow Action Now! |
Manchester Climate Action |
Preston Earth First! |
Worthing Eco-action |