How to Fitwatch

Fitwatch meeting - Saturday 8th March at the LSE (Connaught House, Aldwych) at 2pm. Room H103.

Fitwatch has proved to be a highly effective tactic against surveillance by public order police.

Although really, it is better described as a range of tactics. Some are as simple as taking a picture, or making a note of police numbers. Other tactics are more confrontational and actively prevent the police accumulating the data they use for their 'preventative' public order policing. There is a tactic for everyone, and all of them are very effective.

To get involved, you need only bring a camera, placard or banner to your next demo or meeting, and get fitwatching. But you would also be very welcome at the Fitwatch meeting on Saturday so that we can share experiences, develop tactics and create an effective response to FIT and public order policing.

Just as an aside, it seems that even security firms have taken notice. The following testimonials are taken from a Group 4 Securicor briefing, and from the website of the security outfit Inkerman, who make it their business to protect companies from the attention of trouble making protestors. According to Inkerman, we are 'counter-surveillance'. Sounds posh innit?

8 March 08 – London – The anarchist group, Fitwatch, is arranging a series of meetings that begin in London to discuss the nature of policing at protests and demonstrations. Fitwatch are an active group that prevents Police Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT) from gathering information during protests and demonstrations. Fitwatch insist FIT are an oppressive reflection of the state's attitude towards protest groups. Fitwatch aim to use the meetings to discuss ongoing tactics and to attract support. The first meeting is to take place at the LSE (Group 4 Securicor)

Another protest group against the use of cameras and surveillance of activists has been established and holds growing weight within activist movements. FITWATCH is a counter-surveillance group, who take photos and try to obtain the personal details and identification numbers of the officers in FIT. Photographs of the officers concerned have been posted on activist websites."
(Inkerman. See for their report on 'eco-terrorism'.)