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GAGGED! #13 Autumn 2006 - South Wales Anarchist
Newsletter • Against Power & Profit •
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When faced with the wholesale destruction of a people
in such uncompromising terms as the recent mass
destruction of south Lebanon by the Israeli military
- a billion dollar war machine unleashing wave after
wave of explosive & chemical attack on innocent
civilians trapped by purposely destroyed roads &
bridges where even the red cross get targeted - it is
easy to feel helpless. What can we here at home do to
stop or even oppose this?
It’s no wonder that many see that a walk around London
or a rally in Cardiff as the only way they can
manifest a symbolic opposition. However there is
another course of action. Israel is heavily armed by
western powers, the US delivers fresh cargos of
armaments every day, transported in planes that refuel
in the UK on their way to Israel. One of these
airbases is Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.
On 13th August with the destruction of South Lebanon
in full swing CAN & GA went down to blockade the
airbase on a day of action called by the local peace
group. Not only to show our opposition to the war but
also to physically put ourselves in the way, to
disrupt the smooth running of the base. The blockade
was successful for a few hours before 4 activists were
arrested. Though it didn’t stop a single bomb from
being transported, it was a rational response to the
insane slaughter being helped here in the UK. If all
anti-war activities were at the sites where war is
being waged from they would be more effective than
strolls around city centres that do little in actually
opposing the war machine.
The attack on south Lebanon was the first in decades
where Israel was driven back. It wasn't a regular army
that gave Israel such a kicking, it was the population
of South Lebanon & the many Palestinian refugees
taking shelter there. These ordinary people resisted &
they won- against one of the largest an best armed
forces in the world. Hopefully, this amazing
achievement marks a turning point in Israel's illegal

Hundreds of environmental activists from across the UK
& beyond gathered for a 10 day action camp in an area
of North Yorkshire nicknamed ‘Megawatt valley’ (due to
the large number of fossil fuel power stations located
there) to oppose the causes of climate change. Dubbed
the ‘Camp for Climate Action’ it was billed as a mix
of workshops, meetings, socialising, information
sharing & action. Taking place on squatted land, it
was self run on the neighbourhood system that was used
in the eco-village set up for last years anti-G8
protests. CAN & GA were, as ever in attendance, taking
part in the ‘Westside’ neighbourhood with activists
from Aberystwyth, Bristol, Birmingham & Liverpool.
Over 160 workshops took place covering climate change
& what we can do to stop it. However the main focus of
the camp was the “Reclaim Power� day of action against
Drax power station which the camp was set up in the
shadow of. Drax is the biggest power station in the UK
burning enough coal to emit 20.8 million tones of
Carbon Dioxide a year more than a 1/4 of the total CO2
emitted by all Britain's motorists.
About 600 people poured out of the camp on August 31st
with the publicly stated aim of ‘shutting down drax’.
Though over 3,000 police headed by ‘Forward
Intelligence Teams’ from London, Manchester, Stafford
& Gwent(!) with CS gas, batons, riot gear, horses &
dogs got in the way a fair bit some activists were
able to get inside the plant. Starting at 4.30am when
7 activists occupied a Drax lighting tower. Actions
continued until friday morning with many more people
breaching the perimeter of the fence. 39 were arrested
in the end & though Drax was not shut for good it was
the first time environmentalists had taken on one of
the key components of the pollution infrastructure
that is responsible for climate change. There is no
future whilst such places continue to exist.

Communities & campaigners affected by the massive LNG
gas pipeline worming it’s way across West Wales have
vowed to take direct action to halt construction work
until safety fears are addressed.
The project, first mooted 2 years ago when plans were
announced to develop 2 massive LNG terminals at
Milford Haven, has hit a major hitch in it’s
construction programme: the communities it affects
don’t want it.
Controversy first erupted around the pipeline when it
was revealed that that it would run through the Brecon
Beacons National Park, an untouched area of
outstanding natural beauty. The Park Authority has
come out publicly against the project, claiming it
will cut a swathe “the width of a motorway� through
one of the most fragile & beautiful areas in the whole
of Wales. The Northern flank of the park, which the
pipeline crosses, is designated as a UNESCO World
Heritage Site.
The government claims LNG will be essential to meet
the shortfall in the UK’s energy needs as North Sea
gas supplies peak & decline. Opposition groups contend
that LNG is unsafe technology & that it will increase
our dependence on fossil fuels from the Middle East.
Many are also concerned that safety corners are being
cut to maximise profit. These concerns have been
heightened by National Grid’s public admission that it
has no experience of running a 48� pipeline at 94bar
pressure; it will be the biggest pipeline of it’s kind
in Europe. Accidents like the massive pipeline
explosion that killed 12 campers at Carlsbad, New
Mexico in 2000 occurred in remote areas & ran at a
much lower pressure.
Safety fears are particularly acute in the small
mining villages of Trebanos & Pontardawe, in the
Swansea valley, where the pipeline runs close to
residential areas & even schools. Trebanos in
particular has been designated by the British
Geological Survey as an area of Geological instability
& National Grid plans to blast with explosives to
bring the pipeline through the area. Local's have held
up work for the last 2 months & support for their
fight is rapidly growing. A further public meeting is
planned in the area for the 7th of September. The
fight goes on!
Many communities are angry at the lack of proper
consultation over the project & the environmental
destruction being wrecked. Direct action is planned
over the coming weeks to highlight the plight of the
communities affected. For further info contact Jim at or 07933082239

G8 2006 - St. Petersburg


All forms of protest had been made illegal by the
Russian state for the duration of the summit. Yet the
small anarchist movement in St Petersburg & Moscow
were determined that a voice of dissent would be
Getting to St Petersburg at all seemed an achievement.
Three cyclists who cycled all the way from Berlin were
thrown straight into prison for ten days. Dozens of
people had been pulled of trains & arrested for
carrying anti-G8 materials. Many of these had also
been sentenced to ten days in prison, & given the
condition of Russian prisons this was not a pleasant
On the second day of the summit around 50 anarchists
attempted to blockade one of the hotels used by summit
delegates, well aware that arrest & a short prison
sentence were almost inevitable. They blocked the road
& prevented cars from leaving the hotel until the
infamous Russian riot police, the OMON, appeared to
clear the protest away. Almost all were arrested.
Later in the day around 150 activists staged a
carnival procession in opposition to the G8. This was
also broken up by police & a further 20 were arrested.
The brutality & harsh sentences that activists had
feared did not materialise. In the international
spotlight, sentences were light (only two or three
days imprisonment) & those in prison were treated
fairly well, given the poor conditions that are normal
in Russian police cells & detention centres.
But in any event the maximum legal sentence of 15 days
is a lot less harsh than the sentence people could
have received under the British system. After months
of answering police bail & attending court hearings we
would have faced up to three months in prison for
‘inciting’ an unauthorised demonstration (s14 Public
Order Act). Under Russian law a mother with young
children cannot be imprisoned for this offence. Not so
in the UK, where the courts seem even more keen to
lock up the carers of children.
It’s true that the Russian police have been known to
give a kicking to some of the people they lock up.
But there are countless instances of the UK police
doing that too. All in all, the Russian criminal
justice system seems a lot more reasonable (for minor
offences) than our own system. Which has to make you
wonder just how bad ours is…

So What is wrong with the G8?
The G8 are a self-imposed World Government that the
World never asked for, never voted for, & doesn’t
want. In a world controlled by the G8, individual
nations (including the UK) have very little
opportunity to make their own policy. Almost
everything is determined by the G8.
Economic policy: It's all about privatisation. At the
moment the big push is to force all countries to
privatise their education & health care. This gives
huge money-making opportunities to American companies
who have made education & healthcare into a very
profitable business. It also means that you only get
decent healthcare & education if you can pay for it.
This policy is well established in Africa, is being
followed now in Russia, & is on its way to the UK very
Energy policy: One word. Oil. Or maybe gas too. A
big issue for Russia, who have lots of the stuff &
want to make more money out of it & for the US who are
fighting wars in the middle east to make sure they
have lots of it too. Control over oil & gas is vital
if you want to control other nation states. As for
global warming, the G8 response is pretty
non-existent, apart from building more nuclear power
Foreign policy: America insists on being able to bomb
the hell out of whoever they like in order to
guarantee their oil supplies (& to keep those pesky
anti-american muslims under control). Other G8
countries pretty much go along with this, because they
want to stay in the G8 club, & because they’d like to
get their hands on a bit of that oil too. The people
of Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Syria
etc just don’t matter that much.
Third World Poverty: Oh yes. Remember Make Poverty
History? & Bob Geldof? Lots of fine words from Gordon
Brown & Tony Blair about giving more money? One year
on & we take more from the third world, & give less.
Poverty increases. Attempts by African governments to
improve the health & education of their people are
scuppered by G8 Economic Policy (see above). This is
not an accident, it is the deliberate outcome of G8

Life in Russia
Western lifestyle is available if you have the money,
but the reality is that very few can afford to buy
from the western shops or eat in the expensive cafes &
restaurants. Life for most is sheer hard work, long
hours, overcrowded housing & an often inadequate diet.
Health care & education are deteriorating. The state
is refusing to pay old age pensions, meaning many
older people are found begging in metro stations.
Government employees, including the police, are badly
paid & make a living through extracting bribes. Many
Russians are looking to western capitalism to solve
these problems, but the practice of making big
business out of people’s basic needs –like water,
heating, education & health – is likely to make the
poor poorer, not richer.
In the outskirts of Moscow, the efforts of three
families to save their homes have become a focus of
discontent over living conditions in the city. These
people lived in very basic conditions in what we would
regard as little more than a shack, but it was a
reasonable living space, & had a small piece of land,
enough to grow vegetables to supplement the tiny
family income.
But the land they were on was earmarked for the
construction of yet more apartment blocks. The
families would be re-housed in one of these new
blocks, but they were unlikely to get more than a
cramped one or two roomed flat. That is one or two
rooms, not bedrooms, for a family of 4 or 5.
Amazingly, given the culture of fear for authorities &
police that exists, these families have resisted two
attempts to evict them. With support from the people
in their local community they have turned away
bulldozers & riot police. They now have a protest camp
on their small piece of land, proudly displaying the
newspaper cuttings about their resistance. It is
likely that eventually they will lose this battle but
the fact that they fought it in the first place is a
remarkable thing.

G8 2007 – Germany
The protests in St Petersburg were always going to be
much smaller, quieter affairs than those which
occurred at other summits but were no less worthwhile
for that. Opposition to other summits have been
staggeringly effective. In 2003 delegates couldn’t get
to the summit in the French town of Evian as
anarchists defied tear gas & rubber bullets to close
the roads. In Scotland in 2005 the blockades of the
roads to Gleneagles –(including anarchists who shut
down the main six lane Motorway for six hours)
prevented any full meetings taking place on the first
day of the summit.
Next year the G8 summit will be in east Germany. This
is likely to be the biggest G8 opposition since Genoa
in 2001, perhaps the biggest ever. South Wales
anarchists will, of course, be going. You are welcome
to join us.

Faslane 365
There is a cunning plan to blockade Faslane every day
for a year. It will be a year-long rolling civil
resistance campaign.
On a beautiful summer’s evening in 1999, three women –
Ellen Moxley, Ulla Roder & Angie Zelter – boarded a
barge moored on a Scottish Loch & threw some computers
& other equipment overboard. The barge was a floating
laboratory; the equipment belonged to Her Majesty’s
Government; & its purpose was to improve the
‘invisibility’ of the Trident nuclear submarines in
the water. In court Sheriff Margaret Gimblett
acquitted ‘The Trident Three’, on the basis that they
were global citizens preventing a far greater crime –
the nuclear threat.
Since 1996 hundreds of people & groups have pledged &
acted to disarm Britain’s nuclear weapons in peaceful
& practical ways & one of these has been the regular
blockading of the naval base at Faslane, where the
four Trident submarines are docked. The last big
blockade (at the time of the G8 being foisted on
Scotland) was truly inspiring - with its good humour,
creativity & determination.
The point is that soon the Government plans to
‘update’ the whole Trident system (cost unused.. £25
billion; cost if ever used.. unthinkable). We know
Trident is illegal under international law, immoral &
a serious threat to our health. Time to deploy our
weapons of mass disruption!
If we build enough support the campaign will start on
October 1st. Groups of 100 strong, or more, from
across Britain & beyond, are now committing to go to
Faslane to do whatever is possible to close it for
business over a 48-hour period. It’s a chance to bring
far more people than ever before to witness the site
of Britain’s nuclear arsenal & to demonstrate our
opposition. With a new group arriving every day the
defenders of ‘Law & Order’ (or should that be ‘War &
Borders’?) will face a totally different ball game to
a blockade once every few months. All action is
pledged to be non-violent. Groups will be making the
connections between nuclear weapons & the serious
concerns that face us - such as injustice, poverty,
human rights, health & climate change. 33 groups are
signed up so far.
In South Wales we are asking as many people as
possible to take part on the ‘Red Dragon’ days of
November 13th & 14th & there are lots of ways you can
get involved. Some excellent resources, help &
training are available. To find out more, visit or contact Marie on 01495 220400.

Remember Spain! 70 years since the Spanish Civil War &
The Kate Sharpley Library is a treasure trove for
those wanting to learn more about anarchist history
from around the world. In existence for over 25 years,
the library itself is now home to over 10,000 English
language documents, with many more in other languages.
From this invaluable resource, the library volunteers
regularly produce affordably priced pamphlets that
contain nuggets of anarchist history unavailable
elsewhere. One example of this is the recent
publication of Elias Manzanera’s account of his time
fighting in the Spanish Civil War, “The Iron Column:
Testament of a Revolutionary�. As Ramón Liarte writes
in the introduction, “Manzanera’s intention was to
leave us a moral & ethical testament from the Iron
Column, summarised & put together in such a way as to
be illuminating for its members & outsiders alike�.
Manzanera’s story is a fascinating recollection of the
events of 1936-1939, although it is not the place to
start if you’ve never read anything on this period. At
a measly £3 this pamphlet is typical of the KSL
approach, so if you’ve not checked them out yet, have
a look at their online catalogue & bulletin now! BM Hurricane, London, WC1N

Alfa's story
In mid-June in a Cardiff nightclub, Alfa Diallo was
attacked. A man offered him a drink and Alfa responded
"No thank you I don't drink". He was shouted at,
pushed, punched & called a nigger. He & his attacker
were escorted outside where he was punched & kicked
some more. The bouncers called the cops, who turned
up, saw the colour of Alfa's skin & searched him,
finding his asylum documents. They took him to the
station, unaware of what was going on. Sometime later
immigration officers came & took him to Dungavel, one
of Britain's 8 detention centres, in Scotland.
Alfa had been inside for two weeks when we spoke to
him. Scared & confused, he still hadn't been told why
he'd been detained. All his belongings had been taken
from him & he had no access to legal advice or
representation. A solicitor was found that was willing
to visit & see if he could help, but on the day they
arranged to meet Alfa was moved to Harmondsworth, one
of two detention prisons near Heathrow airport. Just
after the move he was put in segregation where amongst
other things he lost his phone privileges. We were
told that he'd been "a naughty boy" & that they
couldn't tell us when Alfa would be let out of
segregation & get his 'privileges' back.
Over the next week, & despite many phone calls &
heated exchanges with phone answerers at
Harmondsworth, Alfa was uncontactable. After a week of
this we were told that Alfa had been taken into police
custody a few days previously. A few phone calls later
we managed to find Alfa & speak to him - he was now
being held in Colnbrook, Heathrow's other prison next
door. We spoke a number of times over the next few
days. He was very worried & felt that he could be
deported any minute - a few days later he was. He
never did get to see a legal professional - apart from
all those involved in processing what will be seen by
the government as a successfully executed deportation.
Another number for the statistics. Another shining
example of the governments 'firmer, faster, fairer'
migration regime. A regime that doesn't discriminate
in terms of who it locks up - men, women & children -
all are fair game!
Maybe Alfa got lucky & returned to smiling faces &
people who cared for him. Let's hope so! Not like
those who, often after years in detention, are finally
released only to find themselves destitute - being
unable to work or to claim any state support - or
those that, as well as this, are threatened with
having their children taking into care, all as a means
of "influencing" them to "voluntarily return". Nor
like those that are returned to the prospect of
torture, & murder. All because they happen to be born
in one place rather than another.

Tiny nazi group the ‘British People's Party' have had
their South Wales Organiser, ‘Darren’ & another called
‘Gail’ arrested & charged with 'incitement to racial
hatred'. These two appear to be the whole of the Welsh
section of this White Nationalist party. We hope they
both have a miserable time & feel all the brutality of
the British justice system.

On August 31st 5 cops were caught scoffing at a
Swansea cafe while their squad car was illegally
parked. This comes two months after a South Wales
Police officer was done for leaving a van on double
yellows while he fetched a takeaway. A Police
spokesman promised an inquiry & appropriate action
would be considered. Maybe compulsory introduction of
the Atkins diet?

Landless in Brazil from our S. America correspondent!
Brazil'’s Landless Workers Movement (Movimento dos
Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra - MST), is the largest
social movement in Latin America with an estimated 1.5
million landless members organised in 23 out of 27
states. The MST carries out long-overdue land reform
in a country mired by unjust land distribution. In
Brazil, 1.6% of the landowners control 46.8% of the
land on which crops can be grown. Just 3% of the
population owns two-thirds of all arable land.
Since 1985, the MST has peacefully occupied unused
land where they have established cooperative farms,
constructed houses, clinics and schools for children &
adults, & promoted indigenous cultures & a healthy &
sustainable environment & gender equality.
The MST’'s success lies in its ability to organise &
educate. Members have not only managed to secure land,
& therefore food security for their families, but also
continue to develop a sustainable socio-economic model
that offers a concrete alternative to today’s
globalization that puts profits before people.
On March 8th, International Women’s Day, 2000 women
activists from La Via Campesina, a Latin-America-wide
land reform organisation of which the MST is a part,
invaded a tree nursery belonging to Aracruz Cellulose
in Barra Ribeiro in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
They trashed it.
The idea was to draw attention to the company’s
appaling record in planting eucalyptus & driving
indigenous tribes off their land in order to do so.
The Brazilian government are seen as stalling on the
land reform issue. The MST are showing direct action
is the only way forward.

Balloting on transfer in 2006 are Torfaen,
Monmouthshire, Swansea & Rhondda Cynon Taff. Stock
Transfer is a method of privatisation by the back
door, and councils across South Wales are desperately
trying to convince tenants that they would be better
off with a ‘Registered Social Landlord’ than the
council themselves. Bridgend has already managed to
privatise, but in North Wales Wrexham tenants resisted
the sell out & voted NO! in overwhelming numbers.
The transfer of council housing to an RSL means the
loss of secure tenancies, a less democratic housing
service, increased homelessness & big pay rises for
senior managers. Rent guarantees & glossy promises
made before votes have been broken after as they are
legally worthless.
The promised improvements that are being used as a
carrot to entice tenants to vote yes would, according
to the National Audit Office, be £1,300 cheaper per
home if done by the Council themselves!
Tenants' secure tenancies are lost after transfer,
becoming '‘assured’ tenancies' which make eviction
easier. Councils have a statutory duty to provide
homes for the homeless. This will disappear once they
have offloaded all their housing stock.
Don’t believe their lies! Vote NO! More info:

Diary Dates
11th- Cardiff Anarchist Network meeting, 8.30pm,
upstairs of Glamorgan Council Staff Club, corner of
Quay St & Westgate St, Cardiff city. Fortnightly.

15th - International Day Of Action Against the
Icelandic State & Alcoa

16th - Rally & demo against animal testing at Wickham
Labs in Hampshire.

18th- Gwent Anarchists meeting. 8.30pm, The Murenger,
Newport. Fortnightly.

19th - Justice in the Middle East. Silent March,
starts Despenser Gardens, Riverside, Cardiff at
2.30pm. Please wear black.

19-21th - IMF/World Bank meeting, in Singapore.

25th- CAN meeting

2nd- Gwent Anarchists meeting

9th- CAN meeting

9th-"Sack Parliament"- Blockade of Houses of
Parliament, 1pm. MPs & Lords are returning from their
summer recess, stop them getting back inside to
continue planning their wars.

16th-Gwent Anarchists meeting

21st - Anarchist Bookfair 10am-7pm, at the Voluntary
Sector Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Rd, London, N7

23rd-CAN meeting

28th - World Development Movement Campaigner
Convention - Cardiff: Chapter Arts Centre, Market
Road, Canton, 10.30am to 4.30pm Free 0800 328 2153

30th - Gwent Anarchists meeting

4th- 1pm - March for Global Climate Justice - US
embassy, via Berkley Square & Piccadilly Circus to
Trafalgar square

6th - CAN meeting

13th - Gwent Anarchists meeting

20th - CAN meeting

27th - Gwent Anarchists meeting

Gagged! is produced by GA & CAN. Both are very
simular, contact your local group or set one up!
Cardiff Anarchist Network (CAN) is a collective of
people who want to pursue political demonstrations
through direct action. There is no membership, no
leaders, just like minded individuals. Email: Web:

Gwent Anarchists are like-minded individuals believing
in autonomy, respect & justice; against all forms of
exploitation & bigotry. Aiming to increase the
knowledge of & create a resistance to governments &
big business abusing people & the earth. Post: PO Box
70, Newport NP20 5XX Email:

No Borders South Wales organises on migration issues &
acts to break down boundaries; racial, cultural,
gender, sexual, class & political that divide us.

South Wales Against the G8 (SWAG8) is a coalition of
groups wishing to mobilise against this year's G8
Summit both in east Germany & in the UK. Email:

Anarchist Federation Cymru is the regional contact of
an organisation of class struggle anarchists in
Britain & Ireland which aims to abolish capitalism &
all oppression to create a free & equal society.
Email: Web:

Peoples Autonomous Destination (PAD) aims to create
physical space in Cardiff for groups & individuals who
cannot or will not work within the constraints of
governmental or corporate control. Email: Phone: 07910973876 Web:

Queer Mutiny Cardiff creating an alternative to the
commercial gay scene. Opposing gender & sexual
binarism, collapsing boundaries & challenging
hierarchy. Web:

Western Animal Rights Network (WARN) is a regional
animal rights network Web: RHONDDA Swansea Email: CARDIFF Email:

Eatoutveganwales hold free vegan food fairs & produce
the welsh vegan guide Web:

South Wales Hunt Sabs saving animals’ lives now,
actively sabotaging bloodsports. Newport: PO Box
1894, Newport NP19 4WZ. 0770815642 Swansea: PO Box 7,
Swansea, SA9 2YE 01792475092

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