Iceland: The Battle for Karahnjukar

Activists in Iceland being starved out by police and security as lock-on actions halt work on the Karahnjukar Dam construction.

In the last 3 days activists in Iceland who are protesting against the Icelandic goverments environmentally devastaing policies to turn fragile eco systems and natural resources in to roar energy for the expanding aluminium industry have moved their action protest camp to Lindar a beautiful area of hot pools near the Dam construction which very soon will be threatened with flooding.

Today Activists locked on to construction vehicles and halted the work at the site. 11 were arrested, including a UK journalist who has had his cameras and footage taken by police. 7 were still locked on at the time of writing this article.

Repression increases every day. The authorities are now trying to starve out people at the camp. Cars carrying essential food and water supplies are being turned back at police blockades. People on foot trying to get to the camp are being searched and only allowed to continue once food and camping equipment has been confiscated. The Icelandic goverment are hoping that the remoteness of the actions will prevent these appalling acts of repression from getting out.

This is a call out for people to look at, understand the issues and send objectionary emails to the names and addresses in the resources section. Please also send messages of support to the camp.

They are on their own in the middle of no where fighting against the industialisation and destruction of the environment. If you think you can help in any way then Do.

There will be workshops at the Big Green Gathering and the EF gathering.