Against the MegaMachine - Anti-Civilisation gathering in Spain, 2-5 June

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Against Megamachine gathering flier

This year we are calling for a new gathering of critics against civilization.
The gathering will take place in the North of Barcelona (near the Iberic Mediterranean coast) on the 2, 3, 4 and 5 of June.


FRIDAY 2-June-06.
Morning: Welcoming the participants.
Afternoon: First meeting to know people and groups and to make the schedule for the following days.
Presentation of 3 discussion groups:
Group 1 (G1): “Domination, civilization and domestication “ group animated by John Zerzan, member of the Green Anarchy (Eugene, Oregon).
Group 2 (G2) “Primal war and collapse. Wilderness against domestication group animated by Kevin Tucker (Species Traitor) (Greensburg, Pittsburgh).
Group 3 (G3) “Temporary Amoral Zone� group animated by Egoists Anonymous (Barcelona)

SATURDAY 3-JuneI-06.
Morning: Groups debates (G1, G2 and G3)
Afternoon: Workshops on practical skills and techniques to improve our un-civilized autonomy.

SUNDAY 4-June-06
Morning: Groups meeting and debate (G1, G2 and G3).
Afternoon: More workshops on practical skills and techniques toward an un-civilized autonomy.

MONDAY 5-June-06.
Morning: Group meeting and debate (G1, G2 and G3).
Final meeting to go through the conclusions or the unresolved questions.

We have already set up some of the workshops on practical skills: making bread, making soap, cryptography without computers, applied botanic knowledge, mankala, organic agriculture, energetic crisis, actual applications to spear thrower, distilled of “essences�…
Of course, we are waiting for more proposals. And there are more ideas, but we need people to carry the workshop. So, if you want to hold a workshop, please let us know!


So, you need to bring with you:
-sleeping bag or blankets. (It may be a bit cold in Catalonia in June).
- whatever you need for eating: forks, spoons, plates, mug …
We, as the ones who are making the call for this gathering, will take responsibility for organizing the meals (last year a collective assumed
to prepare the food with some help from us). So, we will have ready the food for Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s meals, and Monday’s breakfast and lunch. We expect help to cook and do the washing up.
The cost for the food will be about 10 euros per day, but we still have to count more precisely. We tell you in advance!
The food, of course, will be vegetarian with a vegan option.
Also, we hope to be able to organize some events to have fun on Friday’s, Saturday’s and Sunday’s nights.
We are going to have ready anything necessary to play videos and if you would like to show something to the rest of participants, let us know!
And we trust in your skills and help.
Children, and people with any special need are welcome, but it will be good to know in advance, in order to ease their reception and to provide whatever you need.

In “El Ponti� a farm in TAVERTET, a village in the area of Osona, near Vic and Manlleu, in the North of Catalunya.


By train:
You must take the train and get off at the station of Vic. The railway goes Barcelona-Puigcerdà. Then, you have to take the coach to
Cantonigros (better alternative) or Santa Maria de Corcó/l’Esquirol (worse alternative) . And from there you must walk about four or five
kilometres along a very nice small road. There will be sign along there to help you arrive (snail signs).

By coach:
There is the possibility of taking a bus from Barcelona to Vic Sstation of the North …. Estació del Nord), and from Vic to Cantonigrós. From
the airport of Girona until Vic.

By car:
If you come by car, you should go to Vic and from there: the c-25, to exit 183 to Roda de Ter-Santa Maria de Corcó/L’Esquirol (road c-153)
after Tavertet to road BV-5207.
For more information, maps, timetables, different options of going, you should visit our website: