Manchester peat campaign launched

Manchester is the home of several peat moors, all under threat from extractors profiting from the destruction of some of the most precious areas in the UK. But together we can stop them, and save our moors!


Peat moors are home to a vast range of plants, insects, butterflies, and birds. Often they are officially recognised conservation areas and have been proven to help prevent climate change. However, due to extensive 'mining' of the peat, mainly for use in home gardening, these precious habitats are dwindling. We must fight to protect these unique havens of wildlife, before corporate lobbying destroys our moors forever.


Manchester is not often thought of as an area rich in biodiversity, but within the bounds of Greater Manchester, there are several peat moors, or mosses under threat. From large sites like Irlam Moss, run by Scotts and Peel Holdings, to smaller sites like Saltersley Moss in the nearby Wilmslow. Extraction is already underway, but the damage done is reversible if we act quickly.


We have decided to do something about this destruction of our natural heritage by forming a local peat campaign. We will focus on a wide, inclusive campaign against peat extraction on Saltersley Moss and more targeted campaigning on other Manchester-area mosses. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.

For more details, contact Manchester Peat Campaign on Manchester Earth First! on 0161-226 6814