July 15 International Day of Direct Action against Climate Change and the G8!

July 15th will be an International Day of Action Against Climate Change. As G8 energy ministers promise trillions in new subsidies to the industries destroying our planet and our future, we will take action to shut them down! This is a call for autonomous, decentralized actions appropriate for your town, city, or bioregion.

Climate Camp - London info/planning night @ the Square, 23 May

*From the London area and thinking of going to the Climate Camp this summer?*
London Rising Tide is hosting an open meeting at 7.30 PM on May 23rd for people who want to find out more about the camp, and discuss the idea of a London neighbourhood or barrio.

Serco office vandalised


Serco's office in central london was vandalised on friday morning. Windows were broken and the acrostic slogan, "Shockingly // Evil // Racist // Corporate // Obscenity" was sprayed.

Serco is in Hand Court, WC1, and their website is at They run Colnbrook and Dungavel detetion centres:, as well as many other reprehensible activities.

Stop Huntingdon Day of Action

HLS march 2
HLS march 1


Well here we were 100 strong and about to march right through the City of London. What timing as well with Huntingdon being kicked off the Pink Sheets the day before, you can always count on HLS to rise to the big occasion.

5 May: "evil SERCo" AGM (and SOCPA)

Serco AGM 1

Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) invite anti-WMD types, people working on detention centre issues, and anyone with a grudge against PFI in general, to join us for a good, colourful/noisy moan outside (and inside for those with shares) the Serco AGM.

World second-largest mining company AGM disrupted

Anglo American’s Annual General Meeting was disrupted yesturday (April 25th) by campaigners in solidarity with Indigenous Communities resisting mining in the Sierra Perrija, Zulia. The campaigners demand that Anglo American withdraw their shares in the company Carbones del Guasare that has plans for expanding mining in the region

BP refuses gift of song outside Annual General Meeting

Members of the provisionally musical theatre wing of climate justice action group London Rising Tide (LRT) set out on April 20th 2006 to communicate their warm feelings about BP in song to shareholders heading for the oil giant's Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the ExCel Centre in Docklands.

Social Centres - Where To Next?

Invitation to a discussion on the future of social centres.
Sunday April 30th - as part of the London Mayday Weekend
The Square
21 Russell square
London WC1

Social centres are emerging as a pivotal role between political activity and community organising, not only places to engage with radical ideas but essential in providing common resources (café, cinema, gig venue, internet, fundraising opportunities, events, meeting space etc) to groups, individuals & the community at large.

Saving Iceland gathering 21st - 23rd April in Norfolk


It's time to organise the 2006 camp!

The next Saving Iceland gathering will take place over the weekend of the 21st - 23rd April in Norfolk, UK . It'll be a great time to find out more and to meet some of the (lovely) people involved with the campaign, as well as to help discuss what this Summer's protest camp will look like.

BP-sponsored Arts & Business Awards infiltrated & disrupted by London Rising Tide

BP Breeding Poverty logo

The 28th Annual Arts & Business Awards gala ceremony was held at the (BP-sponsored) Barbican Centre in London on Monday April 3rd 2006. It consisted of free drinks, schmoozing, mutual pat-on-the-backs concerning the 21st Century snake oil that is 'Corporate Social Responsibility', followed by an vain attempt to raise the tone with a performance by the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO).


Plane Stupid logo

PRESS RELEASE: 3rd April 2006
For immediate release

~ BAA now in “premier league of climate change criminals�

Firestation Eviction: Postponed due to Resistance

London fire station squat

On Friday, 31st March, Bailiffs turned up at 461 Westferry Road, a squatted Fire Station and home to about 25 people. The squat was locked and barricaded with about 25 people inside, but bailiffs, security men and police did have neither bolt cutters nor a locksmith. The 1-ft metal torch they brought did not impress and was generally of no use due to bright sunshine. One of the occupants was seen climbing up a 5-stories high metal tower in the yard of the firestation, thus proven unremovable.

Fire Station Squat in Docklands (London) eviction threat

Eviction Aruga!!


The Millway FireStation on the Isle of Dogs, Westferry Road 461, had been squatted since November last year, and it was shelter for 25 people.