Your mission, should you choose to accept it... (report from activist security gathering)

ID cards, injunctions, CCTV with voice activated alerts, national license plate monitoring, face recognition, directional microphones, network profiling, DNA databases, keylogging, phone taping, bugging and tracking, these are just some of the tools of repression being used against those battling to save the world from total domination and destruction.

Invitation:building support for action against climate change: 14th December, Manchester

What can we do to support and encourage radical action against climate chaos?

One of the follow-up meetings after the climate camp focused on what we can best do to support action taking place on climate change. There will be another in Manchester on Dec 14th.

Steal Something Day, a shameless 24-hour stealing spree!

Steal Something DayThe 24 hour moratorium on spending, 'Buy Nothing Day' is this Saturday 26th November in the UK. 6 years ago some Canadian anarchists came up with a critique of 'Buy Nothing Day' and called for a new initiative, 'Steal Something Day'.

London neighbourhood Climate Camp Meeting 2 December

London neighbourhood meeting to plan for the next climate camp, lets get this thing rolling!

The Camp for Climate Action was packed with workshops and debates, the camp was a space to pool knowledge, ideas and inspiration to tackle the greatest threat to life on Earth. Under the shadow of 12 huge cooling towers we converged to take action on the biggest CO2 emitter in northern Europe: Drax power station.

Squat Advice Training 19th November

Advisory Service for Squatters are looking desperately for more volunteers and are putting on basic legal training for anyone wanting to volunteer with them or give advice elsewhere.

Sunday 19th November

11th anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa murder marked in London


Having attended the unveiling of the first of two creations commissioned by Remember Saro-Wiwa (see, London Rising Tiders headed across town to the Natural History Museum, to keep Saro-Wiwa's memory alive in a slightly more confrontational fashion inside the Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

shell garage closed twice by protest in london


the old street shell petrol garage in london was closed down twice yesterday evening by protestors highlighting shell's repression of local people in county mayo, ireland, and linking it to the 11th anniversary of the murder of the ogoni 9 in nigeria, where shell is proven to have been involved in the killing of ken saro-wiwa.


On Friday, November 3rd, about a dozen people visited the Philippines embassy in Kensington Palace Gardens to highlight the case of the Sagada 11.

These are 11 young Filipinos involved in projects such as Food not Bombs and Earth First! and aged between 15-25, who were arrested on February 14th this year whilst hitchhiking to the Sagada mountains area to go hiking. They were brutally arrested without a warrant, taken to the station and tortured, and only found out later that they were being charged with involvement in a communist guerrilla attack on a military outpost a few days before.

Plane Stupid Activists 'close' travel agents in Bristol, Manchester, Cambridge, Reading & London!


Like other spots around the country, short haul retailers feel the heat (and paint):

Manchester joined Plane Stupid’s call out for a National Day of Action against Short Haul Flights on Sunday night (remember remember the 5th of November).

London Rising Tide Invade CAA


This morning a group of London Rising Tide activists, in the guise of bean counting civil servants, gathered at inside the offices of the Civil Aviation Authority, brandishing a massive cheque for £9.2bn made out to the airline industry from the government regulator.

Dalston Theatre occupation & end

Next to Dalston Junction, on Dalston Lane, Hackney, London, stand two Georgian houses dating from 1820. The adjacent building is currently occupied by the group Everything4Everyone but is facing imminent eviction – and demolition. At the time of writing this report there is still no sign of the bailiffs, but helicopters fly over the buildings at all times, and cctv cameras pointing right at us.