Saving Iceland Blockades Rio Tinto-Alcan Smelter in Hafnarfjordur

Smelter blockade 24th JulySaving Iceland
Press Release (in Icelandic below)
July 24th, 2007


S.I. Activist Imprisoned by the Icelandic State

Prisoner Solidarity 12Saving Iceland
24 July 2007

The Icelandic government and ALCOA have gained their first political prisoner with their repression of protest against the heavy industry policy.

Saving Iceland Blockades Rio Tinto-Alcan Smelter in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

Alcan arms trade

military systems

Incriminating photo evidence of ALCAN involvement in the arms industry

'A Brief Look at EADS' - ALCANs major military partner the way they want to be seen - Video

EADS proudly display their contributions to Adolf Hitler's airforce and just about every war in the 20th Century - Video

Saving Iceland
Press Release (in Icelandic below)
July 24th, 2007


HAFNARFJORDUR – Saving Iceland has closed access to RioTinto’s Straumsvik smelter in South-West Iceland. About 20 protestors have locked their arms in metal tubes and climbed onto cranes on the smelter site. Saving Iceland opposes plans for a new RioTinto-Alcan smelter in Keilisnes or Thorlakshöfn, expansion of the existing smelter, and a new coal and nuclear powered smelter in South Africa.

Siberian protest camp attacked by neo-nazis

bloody antinuke T-shirtIn the early morning of 21st July, neo-nazi skinheads launched a vicious and unprovoked attack on an anti-nuclear protest camp in Angarsk, Siberia, Russia. The nazis violently attacked activists in their sleeping bags and tents with iron rods, knives and air pressure guns. 21 year old Ilya Borodaenko from Nachodka suffered a head-fracture during the attack and later died in hospital from his injuries. At least nine others have been reported to be seriously injured, one of which has had both their legs broken. Tents were set on fire and several belongings were stolen.

mobile phone masts destroyed by tank, Australia

APC destroying phone mastsJuly 15, 2007

A FORMER Telstra worker allegedly stole a tank and used it to demolish six mobile phone towers as he led police on a wild two-hour rampage through western Sydney yesterday.

Aboriginal Elders Occupy Barrick Gold’s Australian Head Office

July 13th, 2007
Wiradjuri Elders Neville "Chappy" Williams (third from left) and Ron Gardner (back to camera in wheelchair) in tense negotiations with Barrick's Steve Robinson (fourth from left) while other Barrick staff and protestors look on. Barrick Gold office foyer, Perth Western Australia 11 July 2007.

Enawene Nawe blockade succeeds

29 June 2007
The Brazilian government has agreed to several key demands of the Enawene Nawe Indians after they blockaded a major highway. The government's Indian agency, FUNAI, will survey lands claimed by the Enawene Nawe and other tribes, with the aim of officially recognising the areas as indigenous.

Miffed by Miffy

Rabbit at G8
Rabbit No Patents on Life
Rabbit under fence
Miffy on the Beach EF!SG 2006
EF! summer gathering 2007 logo
EF! gathering Miffy
Rabbit with spade
Rabbits in tent
Rabbit with wrenchEF! gathering '07 logo (rabbit/fence)
Rabbit Direct Action Reports

I don't know how it came about but the Miffy rabbit character has for a long time been associated with the Earth First! movement and radical ecological direct action. But do the creators and copyright owners of the character know or approve of Miffy's political activities?...

Undead support campaign against Spanish oil multinational

Last Thursday 14th June in Asturias, Northern Spain I was present at an action where a Zombie Collective came back from the dead to support La Campana Asturiana e Contra el Expolio de las Petroleras and other Spanish solidarity organisations by staging a series of die-ins in a garage forecourt and elsewhere around the city of Gijon.

G8 climate day of action reports - London, Norwich, New Zealand, Bristol, Germany, USA, Nottingham, Portugal, Brasil glued
London: Climate activist 'super-glued to door' of

An environmental activist was so enraged that continue to push ‘short haul’ flights whilst knowing the damage they do to the climate, that she super-glued herself to the front door of the company’s Victoria HQ.

Enawene Nawe block highway to stop dam

4th June 2007
A few days ago the Enawene Nawe set up a road blockade in protest to a series of hydroelectric dams which will destroy their fishing grounds, which they depend on.

Today they dismantled the blockade and have begun travelling to the capital of Brazil to meet government officials.

International Day of Direct Action Against Climate Change and the G8 - UK events: Haringey... (& Jeff Luers solidarity callout)

G8 2007 climate day flierFriday 8th June 2007
Direct Action for Climate Justice – Resistance is Self Defense!

We all know the terrifying statistics: a million species extinct by 2050, 19 of the 20 hottest years on record since 1980, Greenland and Antarctica melting, droughts, floods, famines … the G8 have had over 30 years to address climate change and only succeeded in providing trillions in subsidies to the very industries that are destroying our planet and our future. And while the G8 continues to line their pockets, island states disappear and hundreds of thousands die as a result of the freak weather conditions caused by their irrational and uncontrollable obsession with never ending economic growth.