Worldwide Day of Action Against McDonalds 16th October

Dying for a burger (London McD demo)
14th October 2007 early demo report: nearly 30 people took part in the London leg of the worldwide anti-McDonald's day. It started at noon at the Leicester Square McDonald's. There was a Ronald McDonald attacking a person dressed as a cow. The cow went down well with the kids and even some adults! Lots of leaflets were handed out and the public seemed to be receptive on the whole. Also, the police were noticeable by their absence. The demo moved onto the Shaftesbury Avenue McDonald's and finished at about 3.30.

Eric McDavid US Green Scare prisoner - found guilty & update

It has been two weeks since the jury found Eric guilty, and we are still trying to regroup and get ready for the next round. While this is going to be a long process – one which will require your help and support in a variety of ways – there is one thing that simply cannot be put off.

2nd wave of Burma solidarity - target Total (London, Cardiff, Oxford)

London Total HQ
London Total Oil's offices targeted again this morning

Total Oil's London HQ was targeted again this morning as workers made their way into the building in order to highlight the company's involvement in financially supporting the Burmese military junta.

Bradford Total Garage Blockade/London HQ in solidarity with Burmese protesters/Oxford demo/callout: London 5th & Cardiff 6th Oct

Bradford Total Burma 1
Bradford Total Burma 2
Bradford Total Burma 3
27th October 2007
Around 30 activists blockaded a Total petrol station in Bradford to protest against the company's heavy involvement with the military junta in Burma which is responsible for the deaths of several protesters in just the last few days.

Demo - in Solidarity with Miriam Rose and Persecuted Saving Iceland Activists

1PM Tuesday 2nd October, Icelandic Embassy meet at Sloane Square
Come and show Solidarity with Miriam Rose, a Saving Iceland activist from the UK facing deportation from Iceland where she lives for being: "a threat to public order and security and fundamental societal values" also to show solidarity with Olafur Pall Siggurdson an Icelandic activist being framed for "Obstructing a Police Vehicle" following an attempt to run him over by a senior policeman.

Deportation Alert! Icelandic State Cracks Down on Saving Iceland Activists

The Icelandic State has hounded and harassed Saving Iceland activists since the network was formed in 2004. In the latest episode of this sordid saga; Miriam Rose, an activist from the UK who lives in Iceland is threatened with deportation for being: "a threat to 'public order and security' and 'fundamental societal values'. She has only ever been convicted of 'Disobeying Police Orders' contrary to the draconian 'Police Acts' for which she has served a short prison sentence; in solitary confinement in a men's prison.

Playing with Fire: The Story of Daniel McGowan, "eco-terrorism" and the Green Scare

Playing with Fire coverGrowing up in New York City, Daniel McGowan saw first-hand how pollution fogged the air and fouled the beaches in some of the city’s poorest communities, setting him on a lifelong path of environmental and social justice. But how he ended up drenched in gasoline and setting fire to Oregon’s Jefferson Poplar Farms in 2001 and was later targeted as a “domestic terrorist” is the story of someone who cared too much and didn’t know what else to do.

Global Actions Against Heavy Industry

12.09.2007 - Today, people in South Africa, Iceland, Trinidad, Denmark and America are protesting against heavy industrialisation. This is the first coordinated event of a new and growing global movement that began at the 2007 Saving Iceland protest camp in Ölfus, Iceland. The common target of these protests against heavy industry is the aluminium industry, in particular the corporations Alcan/Rio-Tinto and Alcoa.

Norewegian Whaler Scuttled

Scuttled Norwegian whalerSea Shepherd News

Sunken Whaler Was a Cruel Killer

It is not a surprise that an unknown person (or persons) targeted the Willassen Senior - the outlaw Norwegian whaling vessel that was scuttled on the evening of August 30, 2007.

2 coal actions in Australia

Australian APEC coal protest 1
Australian APEC coal protest 2Australia: Coal Power Station shut down in APEC climate protest

Activists have shut down power generation at the Loy Yang power station in Gippsland's Latrobe Valley in Victoria on Monday morning for five hours, as a protest against inaction on climate change by the Australian Government of John Howard, and policies that maintain the coal power industry and its contribution to climate change at the expense of developing renewable energy production. The action was undertaken to send a message to APEC leaders to take real action on Climate Change and the Kyoto protocol.

Wrap up of West Coast Convergence for Climate Action & actions

US LNG bannerPacific Corp blockadeBetween August 8th-14th, 400+ people gathered for the West Coast Convergence for Climate Action. Participants took part in nearly 100 workshops, as well as lots of games and performances.

Southeast Convergence for Climate Action shuts down Bank of America

Bank of America climate placard
Bank of America cops
Climate Justice Now banner
August 13, 2007

***5 arrested protesting Bank of America’s investments in coal and climate change***

As a culmination of the Southeast Convergence for Climate Action, activists took a bold direct action against Bank of America over concerns regarding their investment throughout the coal cycle and their promotion of climate injustice. Although there was much speculation regarding a protest action at the Progress Energy Skyland coal-fired power plant, protestors surprised the downtown office of Bank of America.