genetic engineering

Blockade of Monsanto office in The Netherlands (& GM being grown this year in the UK)

Update: no arrests made, Monsanto closed for whole day, workers sent home, and some of the corporate sculptures got a re-paint!

On Monday 17 May a group of 50 people from the group "Roundup Monsanto" blockaded the Monsanto office at Bergschenhoek in the Netherlands.

Outdoor Skillshare//18-21 June, Scotland

**Please forward on to your networks, if you would like some posters/flyers to display, please get in touch**

///Outdoor Skillshare/// 18-21 June

An exciting weekend of workshops and skillsharing in rural Scotland.

Come and learn:
climbing and rope access, building tree houses, tunnelling, cooking for the masses, knot-tying, fire-lighting, wild foods and more!

Rapid Technology Transfer Group to take over the Earth Centre

A campaign has been running to reclaim the earth centre in doncaster as a community skill share centre. It has come to light that the local council and a conglomorate of many multinationals has been planning a take over. They deal in chemicals, construction, nuclear, engineering, audiovisual, 3D tech, aerospace, defense and a whole lot more.

European Food Standards Authority - stop gmo protest

october 23, Parma (Italy)

A protest for a new start in the struggle against the "world genetic order" and against GMO entry in Europe.

GM Round-Up: Ready? Global sabotage the answer

Despite the European Food Safety Authority and of course Monsanto declaring MON 810 maize to be safe, Germany and France in Spring of this year banned the cultivation of this genetically modified crop. It was the only GM crop permitted in Germany. There are very active opposition movements in both countries - ripping up GM crops both at night and by day, occupying fields were it was due to be planted and other wide-scale protests.