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No GMO - Destroyed a transgenic maize field in Italy

From Italy to Cancun - Justice, Dignity, Independence
10 / 8 / 2010

Trashing, dashing, bashing, mashing: the new EF! Action Update

So what have you been up to the last few months? Just hanging around?
Maybe you've been part of human wheel-clamping aeroplanes, climbing up scaffolding tripods inconveniently placed in the road, smashing machines at open-cast mines, playing nuked-dead in the street, kayaking against borehole drill rigs in Ireland, burning mobile phone masts, resisting Tesco, camping against trashing of woodland, with some success at Titnore (& other protest camp updates), or getting in on BP's act, spilling oil in public places.

Or have you been on holiday, taking part in indigenous blockades against logging, dams and mining, spilunking against high speed trains, slashing tuna cages, blockading Monsanto HQ, trashing GM fields, and more?

GM sunflower action in France

Scything of mutated sunflowers (or hidden GM) in Indre et Loire

2 GM Maize trials trashed in Catalonia, Spain & 1 in Zaragoza - updated

Today, 12th July 2010, dozens of people came together to sabotage two experimental GM Maize trials belonging to Syngenta, located in the municipality of Torroella de Montgrí (Baix Empordà, Girona, Catalunya).

Attack on GM field in Pully, Switzerland

During the night of June 23-24, an experimental field of GM wheat was attacked with herbicides with the aim of killing the plants and preventing research into genetically modified organisms. This was despite 24 hour guard, a double fence, CCTV and plain clothes cops in the surrounding streets.