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Monsanto takes double hit in January - who's next?

Monsanto Admits Defeat in France, Biotech Corn Contaminates


Earth First! Winter Moot, what to expect

This years Earth First! Winter Moot takes place in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. In a months time environmentalists from across the UK and beyond will converge to discuss and debate. Below is an update from the organising collective who are working on the program.

More nails in the GM coffin - bye bye BASF / amaranth fights back against GM menace / Take the Flour Back

18 January 2012

BASF, the last firm still developing genetically modified crops in Germany is stopping its work, admitting defeat in the face of widespread European opposition to to the idea.

Spanish farmers sab GM maize


The following is a communique cross posted from Afilado Nuestras Vidas:

Translation by Lilac

Genetically Modified Papaya Farm Sabotaged in Hawaii


According to Hawaii County police, thousands of GE papaya trees were sabotaged last month, apparently by machete on the Big Island.

Delivering the answer to GM spuds in Norwich

Saturday 23rd July saw growers and supporters from all over the UK and beyond descend on Norwich to help deliver 40 boxes of organic blight-resistant potatoes to the Sainsbury Laboratory to highlight the re-emergence of open-air field testing, and the £1.7 million of public money being spent in the hunt for a GM blight-res

GM wheat gets the chop, Australia

Update: offices raided week after decontamination / French scientist discovers signs of toxic effects relate

Countering the GM come back summer camp

Bring your stove and tent for an anti-GM weekend. Fri 22nd pm: Camping available. Sat 23rd: Delivering a trailer load of organic spuds to the doors of the John Innes Centre in protest at GM potato trials there. Sun 24th: a day-long planning session: GM is coming back – we’ll be ready. See below for more information.

The Spuds don't work. *Norwich, noon, 23rd July 2011.*

British trials of genetically modified blight resistant spuds have been failing for the last ten years. But a conventionally bred variety of blight resistant potatoes has been available for 3 years. So why are we still paying for their dangerous experiment?