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The machine is all around us, omnipresent and omniscient. It's the camera on the street corner, the chip in your debit card and the number allotted to your child at birth. The machine is without and within. It's in the way we have been trained and domesticated since birth to fit into a mechanical world dictated by capital and the tick, tick, tick of its clock.

Protesters deliver non-GM soya to Sainsburys HQ

Sainsburys HQ soya blockade 1


Farmers and customers blockaded Sainsbury's with their generosity at 8:30 am this morning, when a tipper truck delivered a large mound of non-GM animal feed to the front of the supermarkets HQ at 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT.

GM activists blockade Sainsbury's Merseyside depot

Sainsburys Merseyside Blockade 1

At eleven o'clock last night a group of about 25 people took advantage of the beautiful clear weather to blockade the Sainsbury's depot in Haydock, Merseyside.

bristol sainsbury's depot blockaded (again)

Bristol 2nd Sainsbury's depot blockade


If at first you don't suceed, try try again...Bristol Activists prove persistance and rigorous security pay-off, by succesfully blocking Sainsbury's distribution depot in response to Sainsbury's continued refusal to honour their promise to stop sourcing dairy products from gm-fed cows.

SAINSBURY GM FEED CAMPAIGN: How you can help now


We're urgently seeking some last minute assistance in the ongoing saga of British GM animal feed imports. This is a short, easy action for everyone.

For those of you who haven't been following the activities of the 'Fair Price for GM Free Milk Coalition', the story in brief is that last year a group of independent farming unions and grassroots campaigners got together to try and target the use of GM animal feed in the UK. The idea was to start by encouraging Sainsbury's to keep its four year commitment to phase out GM feed.

Vauxhall Sainsbury's targetted in anti-GM protest

Some toffs from some leafy suburban estate in Surrey went for a jaunt into the bright lights of the inner city.

Strolling up to Vauxhall Sainsbury's, they removed spray cans from their Barbour jackets, sprayed "No to GM Milk!" and "End GM Imports" in garish fashion upon the grimy urban walls and nearby Sainsbury's billboards, then retired with a swift "Tally Ho!" to whence they came.

Wimbledon Sainsbury's targetted in anti-GM protest.

London Earth First! targetted a Sainsbury's in Wimbledon town centre in a protest against Sainsbury's sale of GM milk

The shop was closed down, locks glued, and slogans including "No GM milk" and "Earth First!" spraypainted on doors and windows. This is part of an on-going campaign of direct action, by individuals pissed off that GM is coming in through the back door, despite popular opposition.

Santas for Sainsburys protest and email action alert

(please forward this posting onto all relevant anti-GM email lists and forums)

Give the environment a present this Christmas – Santas for Sainsburys action called for in a store near you. Plus loads of people who need to hear your concerns.

Anti-GM action - 29-30/09/04 - Sainsbury's Haydock (Merseyside) depot blockaded

Sainsburys Haydock blockade

At 2340 on Wednesday September 29th about 25 people from the North West blockaded Sainsbury's Haydock distribution centre in Merseyside. This was in protest over Sainsbury's selling milk from cows that have been fed GM feed.

Protesters Storm the Stage of the "Champion Canterbury Awards", Aotearoa/New Zealand

Solid Energy awards banner24 Sep 2004
About 20 protesters made quite a ruckus at Thursday's "Champion Canterbury Awards" in Christchurch.

Attendees to the awards, including Helen Clark and the Christchurch mayor, were greeted with drums, chants, heckles ('Why don't you get a real job?' was a favourite) and banners.

Tractors in Sainsbury's GM milk protest, Barnstaple, Devon

Sainsburys Barnstaple

In a follow-up to yesterday's amazing Sainsbury's depot blockades [respect to you all], Devon farmers parked three tractors with banners in front of Sainsbury's in Barnstaple whilst shoppers labelled Sainsbury's dairy products as "produce of GM-fed animals". This was probably our best ever supermarket action - with strong support from customers and the regional media and a very reasonable response (after initial panic) from the manager.

Sainsbury's national blockade

Sainsbury's Birmingham blockade 1

Sainsbury's chilled food distribution centres were blockaded across the country on Thursday in protest against GM feed being fed to dairy cows. Sainsbury's five biggest UK distribution centres were shut down as environmentalists and consumers simultaneously blockaded the supermarket chain's chilled-goods depots in Essex, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and Sheffield. They were chained together through steel tubes, or sat up scaffold tripods, blocking the depot gates. The co-ordinated action was intended to halt distribution of Sainsbury's dairy products that come from cows fed GM animal feed.

56 windows broken in "goodbye" Bayer action, North Yorkshire

A (belated) action report from the Stop Bayer GM campaign.

The Bayer Cropscience building at North Newbalds had all 56 of it's windows broken. The message "No GM - Not Now, Not Ever" was spraypainted on a wall. The windows were doubleglazed so although only the outer panes were smashed the whole lot will probably have to be replaced. One window had both panes broken and a litre of white gloss paint was thrown through to add to the disruption and expense. Let Bayer be aware - if they become the main GM offender again, we'll be back.

2 more Bayer actions


There have been reports of more actions to send notice to Bayer, just before their AGM, that if they DO continue to push GM crops in the UK they will be hit again.

Here are the first 2 reports in.

another Bayer Stay Out Action, Essex


Two Bayer facilities in Essex were hit in a night-time raid by anti-GM activists in the early hours of Friday 23rd April 2004.

As part of the send-off to Bayer after their decision to pull out of GM crop trials in the UK, locks were glued, windows smashed and slogans painted at two separate installations belonging to Bayer Diagnostics in Halstead, Essex.