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Contamination case in organic agriculture - Catalonia (Spain)

Catalonia GM contamination harvest 1Catalonia GM contamination harvest 2Last Sunday 26th February 2006, more than 50 persons cut down a contaminated organic maize field, and burned the nearly 4 tonnes of maize in protest for the situation organic f

No! No! GMO! to Irish potatoes

Irish GM potato demo 2
Irish GM potato demo 1

February 22, 2006

Irish farmers, food producers and consumers held a public protest at the entrance to the Dáil at 1.15pm today Wednesday 22 February to call for the Government to ban genetically modified (GM) crops in Ireland, and prevent the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from authorising the release of GMO potatoes in Co. Meath.

Sainsburys GM protests strike again - London shop opens


The cows were back in town today when Sainsburys tried to have an uneventful champagne launch of a new store in North West London.

There was a food scare spectre at the feast in Rayners Lane this Thursday when Sainsburys’ opened their new store. Protesters, including a pantomime cow, handed out warning leaflets to shoppers. The group is part of a coalition from farmers unions to the Women’s Institute who are concerned by the fact that milk from Sainsbury’s stores come from cows fed genetically modified animal feed.

US EF! organizers' conference & winter rendezvous, 15th Feb on: update; international invite; discussion on Do or Die article

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International Invite:
South Florida is an accessible location for international travel, and is a social hotspot of current global commerce and politics. For several years, the globalization movement has influenced (and been influenced by) EF! But rarely has it been possible to dialogue with eco-radicals in other parts of the world, especially the majority world movements who have been inspiring direct action efforts within the U.S. empire. For these reasons, the invitation is being put out to help bring folks from other countries’ radical environmental movements and indigenous struggles here for the OC and Winter Rendezvous (this means visa assistance and some extra fundraising, so if you can be

new issue of Wildfire, European Anti-Civilisation Bulletin

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New issue of Wildfire - European Anti-Civilisation Bulletin Wildfire is a european green anarchist bulletin about revolt against destroying the wild, insurrection against capitalism, the state and industrial society. Against the horrors of civilised society. Wildfire is not here to tell you how to live. It is not there to tell you how to do anything. It is a quarterly bulletin reporting on resistance to civilisation, to report fighting back against the destruction of the natural world, by indiginous people fighting the poisoning of their ecoystems and 'civilised' activists fighting for wildness. Every issue is done by different individuals around Europe.

Earth First! International Winter Rendezvous in S. Florida (Feb '06)

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Hey! y'all out there in the EF! network:

Sainsbury’s 5 trial begins


Sainsbury's court appearance

Avon Magistrates Court, Yate, Bristol, saw the opening day of the trial against 5 protesters who blockaded a Sainsbury's depot to stop the distribution of GM-fed milk back in February.

Plymouth farmers & shoppers demo at Sainsburys

Sainsburys plymouth demo

As militant cows, we would like to thank the 15 shoppers and farmers who demonstrated in the pouring outside Sainsbury's Marsh Mills store in Plymouth this Saturday. We cows get stuffed with untested GM bullshit yet recieve a pittance from the supermarkets in exchange. We say "cows unite – storm the aisles" – which is exactly what a fellow herd of cows did on the same day at Sainsbury's in Sherborne, Dorset (but we'll let them tell you about it themselves).

Cows greet sainsburys shareholders at AGM

Sainsburys AGM

Anti-GM campaigners dressed as cows leafleted shareholders entering the Sainsburys AGM taking place at the QEII conference centre in London today.

Untested and in here - Sainsburys GM feed week

Sainsburys Week Logo


On Sunday (12th June), eight protesters stripped naked to expose the continued sale of products derived from animals fed on genetically modified crops. The naked demo preceded a separate week long series of events outside Sainsbury head office in London. The Milk Monitor website describes the campaign as "a week long extravaganza of street theatre & protests against GM animal feed".