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Rostock, Global Agricultural day of action

Rostock agriculture demo 2Rostock agriculture demo 1Rostock agriculture demo 3Video Rush of the anti GM March, 03/06/2007; part of the G8 protests - for full coverage, see

Video 20070603_Anti_GM_March - video/x-ms-wmv 11M


EF! earth fist logoThis report announces the formation of a new campaigning and action group to be called EAST KENT EARTH FIRST!

The group is based in Canterbury, but already has support from people in the Medway Towns, Sittingbourne, Herne Bay and Thanet as well as Canterbury. Most of the people involved have a background in the Animal Rights movement and recognise the need to broaden out into Eco Action and related issues. Be it GM crops, Airport expansion, unnecessary development, or diverse other issues we shall seek to educate, inform and protest, notwithstanding the current clampdown on reasonable protest. There will shortly be a website up and running, but in the meantime anyone interested in being involved should

Video - You Plant, We Dig

Short video of the April 21st anti-GM rally and picnic that ended with the attempted underplanting of organic potatoes in a field thought to be earmarked for a BASF GM potato crop trial in Hedon near Hull.

GM Protesters plant a good idea - updated (& campaign statement & extra photos)

Mutatoes action (Hull) 2Mutatoes action (Hull) 121.04.2007 - GM Protestors have planted non-GM organic potatoes on a site that it is believed the Government will authorise for the testing of a BASF genetically modifed potato.

About 250 people attended the protest in Hull to listen to speeches and enjoy a GM free potato picnic - some food provided by Veggies of Nottingham and music. Protesters then spread across the large (several acre) field, with a few police, some on horses, others on trail bikes, some even had learned to walk. Some filming. Some impotently asking people to leave the field. Then we did because we'd run out of potatoes.

The Mutatoes Are Coming !!! And Cambridge GM site location/walk report. And Rampart events

GM potato headEverything you ever wanted to know about Frankenspuds, but were afraid to ask.
@ rampART ( this Tuesday (17th), 8pm
16 rampart street, london E1 2LA

Films and discussion on GM crops trials in the UK and the previously sucessful campaign to stop them. Plus update on the biotech industries latest attempts to push this shit down our throats.

Keep the UK GM-Free - picnics & rallies, Sat 14th & Sat 21st

Stop the SpudsThis spring, German chemicals company, BASF, are trialling 3 types of GM potatoes (modified to be blight resistant) at two sites:
1) NIAB in Cambridgeshire (National Institute of Agricultural Botany)
2) Hedon village, just outside Hull.

Protests are taking place at both sites in the next fortnight. It is important that we demonstrate to BASF and the government that we want the UK to remain uncontaminated by GM crops. Commit to coming to one of them and get a warm glow in your tummy.


Spud u hateBASF ("THE Chemical Company" according to their literature) are developing genetically modified potatoes. They start this year with a five year programme of tests involving planting them at several sites around the United Kingdom. To date the UK is free of commercially planted GM crops; it is our intention to keep it that way. There are many reasons why GM food is bad for our planet, for farmers and for our health. We need to act now before they get a foothold - once established there will be no going back, as the Americas and the Far East have already found out to their cost.

Cambridge GM Crop Trial - meeting (2nd April) & protest walk (14th April)

GM free Britain - now or never7.30 pm Monday 2nd April
Emmanuel United Reform Church, Trumpington St.

Michael Antoniou, reader in Molecular Genetics at Guy's Hospital Medical School