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GM Trees Chopped Down in New Zealand

GE pines
New Zealand GE trees action19.1.2008

Anti-GM protesters have cut down 19 genetically modified pine trees at a research site near Rotorua. The attack happened at some stage over the weekend.

French Farmer Calls Off Hunger Strike

PARIS (AP) - Militant French farmer Jose Bove and about 15 supporters called off their hunger strike in its eighth day after the government ordered the suspension of the use of genetically modified corn Friday.

Hunger strike in France to protest gene-altered crops

OGM J'en veux pasPARIS: The militant French sheep farmer Jose Bove and as many as 15 of his supporters were expected to begin a hunger strike Thursday aimed at raising pressure on the French government to impose a long-term ban on growing genetically modified crops.

French activist Bove to go on anti-GMO hunger strike

REUTERS, Dec 10 2007

TOULOUSE (Reuters) - French radical farmer Jose Bove, who became a worldwide celebrity for his fight against junk food, said on Monday he would go on a hunger strike to win a one-year ban on genetically modified (GMO) crops.

Activist killed on GM action in Brazil - call to action for 8th November

Call for day of action on 8th November in solidarity with Brazilian GM activists after shootings on anti-GM land squat in Brazil

On October 21 at 1:30 p.m., gunmen attacked a Via Campesina encampment located at Syngenta’s 127-hectare farm used for field trials of genetically modified crops in Santa Tereza do Oeste, in Paraná, Brazil. During the attack, Valmir Mota de Oliveira, 42 years old (known as “Keno,”) activist and leader of the of the Movimento Sem Terra (the Brazilian Landless Rural Workers Movement), was killed at point-blank range by two shots to the chest. Two other MST leaders, Celso Barbosa and Célia Aparecida Lourenço, were pursued by the gunmen but managed to escape. Workers Gentil Couto Viera, Jonas Gomes de Queiroz, Domingos Barretos, Izabel Nascimento de Souza, and Hudson Cardin were seriously injured.

Autumn EF! Action Update out - and advance notice of the Winter Moot, 22-24 February (gathering of eco-activists), Nottingham

EF! earth fist logoThe latest issue of the quarterly EF!AU was dished up at the Anarchist Bookfair - bursting at the seams, it had to be turned into a bumper issue, with a round-up of the actions around the time of the Camp for Climate Action, plus loads of action reports from around the world since then - from pieing oil executives, blockading garages & airports, polar bears locking-on, sabotage, prisoners, occupied spaces, digger-diving, GM crop-trashing, to cake and the cunning use of mung beans (oh, and of course, much much more).

Three arrested in GM crop protest

ABC News, Oct 23 2007

Three Greenpeace activists have been arrested during a protest at Murray Goulburn's Melbourne headquarters.

Protesters went into the building demanding the co-operative support bans on genetically engineered food crops.

French GM maize decontamination action

Monsanto files suit against French GMO activists

Oct 19 (Reuters) - The French unit of U.S. Biotech giant Monsanto has filed a lawsuit following the latest destruction of some of its test fields for genetically-modified maize. In a statement issued on Friday, Monsanto said that unidentified activists had ransacked three test fields in Valdivienne in central France after dark on Thursday.

Playing with Fire: The Story of Daniel McGowan, "eco-terrorism" and the Green Scare

Playing with Fire coverGrowing up in New York City, Daniel McGowan saw first-hand how pollution fogged the air and fouled the beaches in some of the city’s poorest communities, setting him on a lifelong path of environmental and social justice. But how he ended up drenched in gasoline and setting fire to Oregon’s Jefferson Poplar Farms in 2001 and was later targeted as a “domestic terrorist” is the story of someone who cared too much and didn’t know what else to do.

GM Actions in France (13/9/2007)

EXTRACT: many actions... were organised in France this Spring and Summer:

Field clearings, symbolic clearings that deposited GMO plants in front of police stations or Monsanto offices, pollination of GM fields with non-GM pollen, occupation of official plant protection offices, experiments showing the reality of contaminations ...

GM quarantine in Romania

GM decontamination in Romania5 September 2007

How's this for a creative and exciting example of direct action - it's a blockade but with a difference.

Movimento Verde Eufémia mows first GM Field in South Portugal

Portugal GM decontamination 1Portugal GM decontamination 2On the 17th of August the “Movimento Verde Eufémia” went into action of civil disobedience, targeting the first transgenic field in the Algarve GMO Free Zone in South Portugal. 65 mowers entered the field and were able to mow a hectare of GM corn in less than 20 minutes. The action received support from a parade of an extra 60 people.