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Indigenous Hawaiian’s Take on Monsanto and GMOs 15th April

Young residents of Molokai, Hawaii, protest GMOs as part of a month-long series of actions against biotech chemical companies. (WNV/Imani Altemus-Williams)Young residents of Molokai, Hawaii, protest GMOs as part of a month-long series of actions against biotech chemical companies. (WNV/Imani Altemus-Williams)

Field liberation trial coming up in Belgium

Next GM potato-trial: April 2nd 2013, from 8 A.M. on, Justitieplein in Dendermonde. You are warmly invited to come and support the 11 activists that are resisting the unjust sentences in the ‘GM potato trial’. This time, you are not only welcome to show your support, but also to contribute with all your experience, knowledge...

World’s Longest Treesit Campaign, Update from Bilston Glen

Yesterday, people involved in the campaign to save Bilston Glen sent an update stating, “We have new information from the Midlothian Council and it would seem likely that the road is being redirected along a different route, one that does not go through Bilston Glen.

USA: Protesters Blockade Monsanto Seed Facility in California

GM sunflowers - Faucheurs Volontaires in action

2 September 2012

Press release

In the early hours of 2nd September, a hundred Faucheurs Volontaires (voluntary reapers of GM) from all over France simultaneously decontaminated 8 test fields in the Isère region and 1 in the Drôme.

Netherlands: destruction of potato GM trial site

Two GM potato trial fields at the University of Wageningen were destroyed by activists in July and August 2012. 

The potato trials were for mildew resistance.  They were in Lelystad and Valthermond. It was only recently, on 16th August, that the destruction was discovered.  The action has not been claimed. 

Agriculture Action Camp 5-10 July Den Bosch NL

From the 5th till 10th of July in Den Bosch in the Netherlands, ASEED will organize a 6 days long camp. The camp will involve workshops, trainings, discussions, and action, for good ecological initiatives, an alternative food chain, alternatives to industrial farming, and against gentech and meat industry, and more.. 

GM wheat trial vandalised

Sunday 20 May 2012

Scientists are assessing the damage after a GM wheat trial was vandalised at the Rothamsted Research centre in Hertfordshire.

The GM trial, conducted by scientists from Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire, aims to see whether transgenic wheat can repel aphids in the field.

Take the Flour Back - a mass action against Genetically Modified wheat

Take the flour back!
Sunday 27th May 2012

Public day of action against the Rothamsted genetically modified wheat trial.