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Animal Rights Case Concern to Environmentalists & call out for 19th January - updated with CW analysis

While the case of 4 animal rights campaigners found guilty on “conspiracy to blackmail” charges in relation to contract testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) that tests on animals may seem unrelated to the environmental movement the case has direct relevance to all radical environmentalists.

Wee demo in Glasgow against Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant. He will be back in June 09. Will you also you here?

Monsanto Chief Exec Hugh Grant came to Glasgow today. He and Scottish Enterprises were not so happy to find out that a few concerned citizens were there and were leafleting the staff calling for his dismissal from his role on the international advisory board. see press release below for some details. He comes twice a year for these meetings.

Paraguan resistance to GM soya plantings - evictions & violence

28 October 2008
Peasant organisations are resisting against the beginning of the GM soya season all over the country of Paraguay. They demand access to land, land reform and the stop of the pesticide spraying which impacts on their communities. Despite the new government, many camps have been evicted and violence has taken place: 2 leaders have been murdered and hundreds of peasants have been arrested. Please sign the letter below to put pressure on the government and put a stop to violence!


Farmers occupy large Brazilian-owned farms to block the entry of genetically-modified soy.

Campesinos in the department of San Pedro occupied Brazilian-owned farms on Oct. 1 to block the entry of transgenic soy, and began planting other crops such as sesame and yucca on the plots.

Earth First! Winter Moot - last update

Brighton, February 6-7-8th 2009

The Earth First! Winter moot is an opportunity for people who feel affiliation with the ideas behind Earth First! to network, discuss and reflect on the ecological direct action movement and to plan for the future. In contrast with the yearly EF! Summer Gathering, which is held outside for around five days, the winter moot is a shorter weekend meeting, inside, less aimed at skill sharing and more at looking where we are at as movement and where we want to be going.

Support Portuguese anti-GM activists.

All over Europe, citizens engage into civil disobedience and direct action in resistance against cultivation of genetically modified crops. Only in Portugal, people that have applied this strategy are officially labeled as terrorists. Please help pulling the Portuguese activists out of their isolated position and express your solidarity by signing the petition!


ELF vandalises Seminis Office in Melbourne, Australia

The Melbourne office of Seminis, a company which sells GM fruit and vegetable seeds, and is owned by Monsanto, was vandalised on the morning of the 27th of August by the ELF.
The ELF covered the building in slogans declaring Seminis as 'scum' and Earth rapists.

A week of free workshops, discussions & skill-sharing in London

The planning for the London FreeSchool week is going well with confirmed workshops and the such like starting to appear on the website. Bowl Court Social Centre, the original location for the weeks event, was sadly evicted a couple of weeks ago.