East Midlands

East Midlands

reports of the Great Climate Swoop at Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal-fired power station

Climate change activists have hailed this weekend’s direct action as a “massive success” after repeatedly breaching the fence and spending 24 hours outside Ratcliffe coal-fired power station.

*Hit the Production of Climate Chaos - get involved* - 13th December call for actions

The climate catastrophe has not happened by random chance and the melting glacier is not its place. Our economic system, the way it produces goods, and the way they are transported and finally consumed is the root of climate change.

'Ratcliffe 114' Protestors at Court - Callout for support - updated

The Ratcliffe protestors being persecuted for 'conspiracy' are at court next week - show some support!

There are 3 groups appearing in Nottingham Mags on the 12th 13th and 14th - they need our support to show we will not be intimidated.

Solidarity - No conspiracy!


Ratcliffe 114 - one more charged, now 25

The Guardian mentions the M1 case:

Ratcliffe on Soar installing new fences - in time for the Great Climate Swoop

Ratcliffe on Soar are currently installing new perimeter fences (12ft chain link).

Latest EF! Action Update bursts forth

Car tyres deflate in the night, diggers halted in their tracks, buildings and MPs covered in slime...airports plagued by crazy golf, picnics, city gents and hostage-taking...eco-villages and other autonomous spaces sprout, as others are under threat...tree-sits, banks evicted, fake phone-masts and whaling ships sunk....it must be time for another Earth First! Action Update, bringing you a concentrated quarterly blast of inspiration and contacts to get out there and take direct action against the bastards threatening this planet and its inhabitants.

News from the front-lines - permanent protest camps old and new, and temporary gatherings in a field near you, all the dates and info you need for a summer of blistering action and torrential outpourings!

Successes here, across the pond and round the very other side of the world.

Notts 114 - 67 cases dropped

6th July

A further 47 cases are continuing and people will be answering bail over the next couple of weeks - it looks as if police are trying to winnow out 'ringleaders'. So we need to maintain solidarity for people the police are trying to persecute. Updates on the continuing cases and ideas on how people can help will follow once we have a better idea of what the filth are up to.

New protest camp at Rolls Royce Rayensway, Derby

Protesters opposed to Trident nuclear submarines have set up a camp across the road from Rolls Royce on the Rayensway in Derby

The Coal caravan has arrived in West Yorkshire! AND daily blog

The coal caravan is now in West Yorkshire and has visited Fairburn Ings which is threatened with open casting and Ferrbybridge power station which will burn the coal.

The Coal Caravan reaches Ferrybridge

Coal caravan coming very soon - route info & how to book if you are coming - & phone number

24 April-4 May 2009

Hello !

**Now we're enroute, contact us by phone if you are planning to join us and want to get in touch then please call 07729575582**

114 Climate Change Protestors Arrested in Nottingham - updated

114 people were arrested in a raid on a school & community centre in Sneinton Dale, Nottingham, at half past midnight on Easter Monday, 13th April 2009. According to police and Eon, the planned target of the protest was the Eon coal-fired power station at Ratcliffe-on-Soar.