Eastern England

Eastern England

Fossil Fools Day 2009, 1st April - actions & resources

FFD is only five weeks away! We know of various affinity group actions around the UK but thought we'd upload some inspirational public actions you can get involved with on the April 1st and some resources to help inspire you to take action in you local area.


12 Noon



1. ARTIVISM, Smash EDO's week of anti-war creativity - Brighton – 24.02.09-01.03.09
2. Climate Rush – London and Manchester – 26.02.09
3. Camp for Climate Action Gathering – Nottingham – 7-8.03.09

Photographers turn out in solidarity against new "terror law".

Reposted: 16.02.2009: everyone knows Indymedia's a copper's favourite read, but after a couple of hundred snappers turned up outside the yard this morning they'll be queuing up today to see whose mug's on the wire.

CLIMATE ACTION NEWS SHEET 85, December/January 2008/2009


1. Camp for Climate Action Gathering, 31.01.09-01.02.09
2. Earth First! Winter Moot, 6-8.02.09
3. Mobilising for the COP, 13-15.03.09
4. Do It Yourself! Course, 22-27.03.09
5. Fossil Fools Day 2009, 01.04.09
6. Coal Caravan, April 2009

Animal Rights Case Concern to Environmentalists & call out for 19th January - updated with CW analysis

While the case of 4 animal rights campaigners found guilty on “conspiracy to blackmail” charges in relation to contract testing company Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) that tests on animals may seem unrelated to the environmental movement the case has direct relevance to all radical environmentalists.

McTrial Cambridge – This Monday!

An all day trial so get some McDonalds Burgers in!

When : 8th Dec 08, 10 a.m.

Where: Cambridge Magistrates Court
12 St. Andrews Street,

What: Back in June an activist was arrested on a walk in protest at McDonalds. The activist is charged under Section 5 of the Public Order Act.

48 hours of action against E.ON and new coal - pre-advertised events this Friday & Saturday

The 48 hours of action against E.ON and new coal are nearly upon us, and final preparations are being made. Below is a selection of public actions that have been organised. You can also find information and resources, including a media Q&A, on the E.ON F.OFF website at http://www.eon-foff.com

A report from the No Borders network gathering

A report from No Borders gathering in Newcastle

On 9 & 10 November a gathering of No Borders activists was held in Newcastle with groups and individuals from Brighton, Bristol, South Wales, London, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow taking part. Altogether, about 50-60 people attended.

Remember remember, action security in November... [update: Observer article withdrawn]

Remember to think about security when planning actions & campaigns, every month - there's been a helpful reminder in a Sunday newspaper that our aims and the aims of the state are somewhat different!

Though the article can be taken to be a police unit safeguarding their ongoing budgets and employment - as has happened in the past with similar scare articles (from the police & the security services) - it's also a handy reminder of the security issues we should think about to ensure that our campaigning remains effective. Check out the background dirt on the journos below...