Eastern England

Eastern England


"In Norfolk UK on the 26th of August 2012 a cruel factory farm breeding ducks for meat in which they were fed on growth exhilarating chemicals and have no access to water for swimming and living in their natural way, had it's fence cut open, doors smashed in and 123 prisoners freed and sent to loving temporary homes, soon to be freed back into the wild.

Latest Updates from Protect the Wilderness & Reclaim the Fields

The Protect the Wilderness campaign attended a court hearing on Monday 5th brought by Gloucestershire County Council. This morning, the Judge gave possession to the council. An eviction is very likely in the immediate days.

Sizewell Camp 2012

Skill Share, Networking and Protest
Power for the People - Not Profits for the Few

Friday 20th (from 6pm) – Sunday 22nd April

Get ready for Hinkley blockade - 5th Stop New Nuclear newsletter

Welcome to our fifth Stop New Nuclear newsletter. With little more than two weeks to go, we need to make a last effort to mobilise even more people to the blockade of Hinkley Point on 3 October.

ASS needs you!

The Advisory Service for Squatters releases its first newsletter... and wants your help!

The hardworking bunch at the Advisory Service for Squatters have just released their annual report in the form of a newsletter.

Its full of as much information, juicy gossip and as many requests for help that you can fit on two sides of A4!