culture jamming / subvertising

culture jamming / subvertising

Autumn EF! Action Update out - and advance notice of the Winter Moot, 22-24 February (gathering of eco-activists), Nottingham

EF! earth fist logoThe latest issue of the quarterly EF!AU was dished up at the Anarchist Bookfair - bursting at the seams, it had to be turned into a bumper issue, with a round-up of the actions around the time of the Camp for Climate Action, plus loads of action reports from around the world since then - from pieing oil executives, blockading garages & airports, polar bears locking-on, sabotage, prisoners, occupied spaces, digger-diving, GM crop-trashing, to cake and the cunning use of mung beans (oh, and of course, much much more).

Edinburgh Temporary Autonomous Arts Exhibition

Edinburgh Autonomous Arts exhibition8.10.2007
FREAK, the Free and Reactive Edinburgh Arts Kollective, are transforming a derelict warehouse in Granton into an arts venue for a four day event from the 10th to the 14th of October. There will be art exhibitions, live music, performances, films and educational workshops.

Manchester Temporary Autonomous Arts Exhibition, Events & Festival of street art and creative subversion

Manchester Temporary Autonomous Arts flierFollowing the success of last years extravaganza in Manchester's Northern's happening again!

I Bike MCR October Bike Events

Update about some bike stuff happening soon in manchester.

The Spokes Bicycle Dance Troupe
Performances: Friday 19th October 1pm-5pm Whitworth Park, Manchester (opp MRI) Sunday 21st October London Bicycle Film Festival, Bicycle Polo tournament

Costa Nothing strikes again!

15.09.2007 - more coffee, tea and cake handed out by the caffeinated crew

You may have already seen last week's report about our adventures. If not check this out first.

It Costa Nothing! Reclaiming the Cowley Road, Oxford

Cowley Costa stall10.09.2007
Increasingly annoyed with the growing number of chains and instead of whinging about the state of our society, a group of intrepid activists decided to do something about it...

Be Proud to Make a Difference: Subvert an Army Ad & DSEi Day of Action, 11 September 2007, tank & critical mass

army phonebox subvert 1army phonebox subvert 2Army recruitment ads on phoneboxes in Oxford get the treatment they rightly deserve!

Shut down the arms fair:Manzil Way phonebox (Class War sticker already there!)

Pixies strike again in Oxford, this time to shut down a certain arms fair, and also to promote a certain political ideology...