culture jamming / subvertising

culture jamming / subvertising

March of the penguins: Plane Stupid reclaim the ice

BA ice penguins 1BA ice penguins 212.01.2008
10.30am - Around 30 penguins today 'reclaimed the ice' at the Natural History Museum's ice rink in protest at British Airways sponsorship of the museum's annual winter festivities.

greenwash guerillas hit shell hq

Shell HQ greenwashGreenwash leafletGreenwash leaflet4.01.2008
at lunchtime yesterday, a small band of greenwash guerillas entered the lobby of the london shell hq to highlight the massive amount of toxic greenwash emanating from the building. once ejected they continued their work outside, warning the public of the dangers of greenwash

London Rising Tide activists 'die' in the Tate Britain (4 January 2008)

petrol head logoActivists 'die' in the Tate Britain

Activists from London Rising Tide staged a 'die-in' in the BP sponsored Tate Britain this afternoon. Bob Jones from LRT said "we're here to demand that the Tate cut it's ties with BP, an art gallery is no place for an environmental hazard such as an oil company". "BP are here to Greenwash their image and distract from the ecological devastation they're causing around the world". The protesters handed out lots of leaflets and urged patrons to demand the end of Oil Companies sponsorship of Art Galleries.

Shell Oil and the Institutions Greenwashing Them Feel the ‘Heat’ on Climate Change, in Bristol

Bristol Shell exhibition opening protest 1
Bristol Shell exhibition opening protest 2
Bristol Shell exhibition opening protest 3
Saturday, December 15th 2007

Effective Direct Action and Public Protests Mark Exhibition’s Release in Bristol

It hasn’t been an easy week for the organisers of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award and the Bristol Museum, or their sponsor and proud wildlife destroyer— sugardaddy Shell Oil Company. All week, concerned individuals from around Bristol have been exposing the truth about Shell and the public institutions who are helping to greenwash them.

Santas of Excessive Consumption in Norwich & London

Norwich SantasSubversive Singing Santas Spread Seasonal Sanity

Today, on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, activists from Norwich Rising Tide dressed up as Santas and visited Chapelfield Mall to sing a different tune to the usual buy, buy, buy madness of the holiday season.