culture jamming / subvertising

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culture jamming / subvertising

London Rising Tide targets Drax power station's PR firm for pro-climate justice, anti-G8 day of action

July 15th was an 'International Day of Direct Action for Climate Justice, against Climate Change and the G8' called in part by Rising Tide North America. London Rising Tide (LRT) decided to take action the day before - a weekday, as well as being a more general day of action against the G8 and in solidarity with those on the streets of St. Petersburg and across Russia.

Car Ad Subvert

Bristol bike subvert

Cyclists fight back against Bristol's car culture by altering an advert near Temple meads.

Activists in Bristol have taken a stand against the proliferation of adverts around the city depicting the supposed joys of motoring. One such billboard near Temple Meads has been altered to display the pleasures of cycling.

Subvertising on Church Road Bristol

Car subvert Bristol

Jun 30 2006

This bit of subvertising appeared overnight on Church Road. Many of the billboards in this area are for big posh cars; it's good to see that somebody is making the connection between these metal monsters and the state of the planet...

Tearing down the billboards in Bristol...

Billboard flattened 1

Jun 29 2006

Last night six billboards were "liberated" in Bristol.
Bristol residents have had enough… we are tearing down billboards!

Cambridge chain store disrupted by TWISTER


20 local residents took over a Cambridge Pizza Hut on Friday evening with a "No Chains" party with music, dancing, balloons and playing twister to protest against the encroachment of multinationals into Mill Road, a vibrant, multicultural community. The protest party lasted over half an hour until the games were interupted by police who dispersed the crowd.


London Rising Tide brought to life the image used to publicise its Art Not Oil 2006 exhibition outside the National Portrait Gallery (NPG) on the night of the ceremony for the BP Portrait Award. The Nick Turner image is a petroleum-based version of the iconic Vietnam photograph depicting a brutal assassination, this time with a nozzle replacing the gun, and with the action taking place in front of a BP logo. It took on three dimensions outside the gallery as a simple, powerful way to convey the murderous impact of BP and the entire oil industry, an impact that is brilliantly obscured by cultural

Bath subvertisers celebrate new look sainsburys

Sainsburys celebrated the launch of it's new look store with a lgarish billboard campaign. Bath subvertisers celebrated by using the billboards to highlight the pland sameness and cheap crapiness of supermarkets.

Basic Rebel Clown Training (Brighton 24/25 June)

CIRCA needs you

Calling all Fools - The next Basic Rebel Clown Training will be held over the weekend of June 24th and 25th in Brighton on the south coast of England.

World Naked Bike Rides to be held in Brighton, Manchester, York and London

World naked bike ride 2006

Since 2004, the World Naked Bike Ride has been spreading it's message of opposition to car culture and oil dependency in rides throughout the globe. The ride celebrates the power and individuality of the human body. Many riders will have their first experience of social and non-sexual nudity through the ride. All rides are clothing optional in the truest sense. There is no pressure for riders to go more clothed or nude than they wish. Rides range in size from the very small (Sao Paolo 2004 had 2 riders) to the very large (Zaragosa 2004 had 400 riders). The average ride is under 100 riders, but London beat the odds by having 250 riders in 2005 for it's second ever ride. There are over 100 rides planned for 2006.

BP refuses gift of song outside Annual General Meeting

Members of the provisionally musical theatre wing of climate justice action group London Rising Tide (LRT) set out on April 20th 2006 to communicate their warm feelings about BP in song to shareholders heading for the oil giant's Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the ExCel Centre in Docklands.

Southend’s first Critical Mass stopped by police.

Southend 1st Critical Mass 1

On the 14th of April, the first Critical Mass was held in Southend-on-Sea. About 30 people met around 6pm to have a fun cycle ride through the town. With colourful signs and messages stuck to their bikes (i.e. ‘We are not blocking the traffic, We ARE the traffic!’) and accompanied by a sound system playing reggae, the cyclists started riding with a peaceful and happy atmosphere. After about one and a half hours joyful riding the police finally decided to join us. One police car followed for about half an hour before they got supported by two other cars and a motorbike and stopped the ride for ‘obstructing the highway’. Unfortunately there were only 15 riders left by that time so the ride stopped for that day.