Twyford Down anti-road protests gathering, September

There is going to be a Twyford Down anti-roads protest reunion to mark that it is 20 years since the protests started.  It's on 29-30 Sept, when it'll be the Harvest Moon.  

There will be a camp run along the same lines as 20 years ago (bring what you expect to find... water butts, tents, food, etc).  That said, there will be some domes and the @ teapot are going to be doing catering (Sat dinner and Sun breakfast) - hurrah!  Camp location to be on top of St Catherine's Hill, near Winchester.

There will also be a protest / photo opportunity about this current Government's mania of roadbuilding

 Please spread this amongst your contacts who you think may be interestd.  There is a Facebook page if you do such things called Twenty Years Since Twyford:

More details and flyer downloadable at