Save Leyton Marsh Camp & Boules stop work

29th March 2012

The tent occupation which sprang up on Saturday in solidarity with the Campaign to Save Leyton Marsh has entered its 5th day.  The camp continues to grow with supporters arriving every day.  Local residents and campaigners visit all day long providing support, bringing supplies and chatting with the campers.  Basic facilities have been setup including a field kitchen and washing up area.  There is also a communications tent.  

No construction work has taken place on the Leyton Marsh site since Friday when local campaigners from the Save Leyton Marsh group stood in front of lorries preventing them from entering the site.  On Monday, the occupation campers joined with local residents standing in front and lying down under lorries.  

Today a Police Community Support Officer arrived at the camp in the early morning to inform the group that the Olympic Delivery Authority will be coming to the camp on Friday morning.  The PCSO said that the purpose of the visit was to negotiate with the Save Leyton Marsh Campaign and Campers about the situation (an update will be published when more info is known).  

The occupiers welcome any and all support. There is plenty of space for more people to get involved. It is located Behind Lee Valley Ice Cente on Lea Bridge Rd, Leyton Map:

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23rd March 2012

This Morning’s game of boules was a real joy. We managed to talk to a lot of people, including the police, the site manager, who said nothing, passer-bys . We prevented at least 4 trucks (8am) to enter the site. It was all very peaceful and joyful. Everyone wanted to play boules, even the police and the gate keepers on site were tempted.

Update: no lorries entered the site all day. This was really great team work in action…So they give the LVPRA planning permission for ‘assembly and leisure’ on Leyton Marsh and we take them at their word. Walkers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but some boules!

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