A Sabotage Report on Biotech Labs from Chile

Activists prepare themselves for more waves of direct action against biotech labs. (photo credit: Icky Pelaez)

November 7th, 2014

[from Earth First! Newswire: Editor's Note: The following piece is a loose and expanded translation of an article posted by 325 on October 28th.]

The evolution of science, as a dominative means of objectification, has solidified into a self-proving entity that is intervening with the very cyclical networks of nature.  We, as sentient people, are in revolt against its confining movement and role as a facilitator of militarization, psychiatry, specism, anthropocentrism, and heteronormativity within this current patriarchal era.

With such motivation, we are currently focusing our actions on biotech labs that are leading studies in genetic intervention, and fertilizing a branch of science that manipulates the very fibers of life.  Not only are humans regenerating stem cells, meddling with plant properties, and experimenting on animals, but are doing so with the sole intention of “improving” our existence.  Such a mentality is a societal construct based upon the notion that humanity cradles the authority to transgress fellow beings.

In raw defiance, we chose specific locations in which there is a concentration of genetic research and, on the morning of October 28th, painted the fa├žades with green and yellow to portray our solidarity with nature and our dedication to active rebellion from here on out.


Lema, one of these labs, concentrates on biochemical research in the fields of endocrinology and nefrology, and is heavily involved in remolding human genetics;  hormonal experiments, adjustment of the body’s chemical make-up, and nuclear medicine are all unraveling within its walls.

We also arrived at the corner of San Pablo to smear the windows of Campus Lab, a building whose activity also revolves around invading the body with technology called PCR.  This instrument was designed to play with our molecular design in hopes of preventing infection and postponing the beautiful and inevitable descent of mortality.

We are fabricating artificial purity, a permeating image of the human body that redefines our ecological relations and the concept of ‘health’ and ‘natural movement’—although disassociating ourselves from our surroundings is rather impossible.  Furthermore, the equipment of Campus Lab serves to identify individuals with the intention of lubricating the judicial machine and increasing incarceration rates.

In Nunoa, GeneXpress operates as another company dedicated to supplying the biotech industry with more data, funding, and progressive materials.  It aims to infuse the medical field with genetically modifying innovations, while avoiding public scrutiny.  We proceeded to smear their walls as well.

We realize that our action was a small gesture; however, we are being called to exercise our resources from an array of perches, and are prepared for more elaborate forms of destruction.  And so, today we have decided to organize and resist the very structures of science, a perceptual approach that is fostering tension not only on the economic level, but also at the roots of how we perceive ourselves and, consequently, how we project and interact with the environment.

We don’t simply seek to generate ‘alternative’ practices, but rather to destroy the shadowing pillars through direct action.  Nor do we believe that someone who chooses to ingest tapsin to alleviate the flu is a mere conformant; we move to question impeding paradigms, as well as the very ideological strands and everyday actions that maintain them. To our bodies being explosions of thought and sensations of creative retaliation!