Hambach Forest, Germany: Ecodefenders blockade several targets in Europe's largest open-cast mine


The last weekend saw a series of blockades, that halted work in several parts of the Hambach open-cast-coal-mine.

On Saturday morning, at around 2:30, several people occupied on of the huge excavators and stopped it for several hours.

One day later, around the same time, four people stopped the two main conveyor-belts that are used to load the coal onto the trains, with one group climbing around on top of one, while the other two people locked-on to the structure of the other. After being hosed with water for several hours by angry mine workers, all people were evicted at around 11:00 and taken to the police station in Düren, where they were released about one hour later, without giving their identities.

On Monday morning, again at around half past two, another group of people occupied on of the giant excavators, again being evicted a couple hours later and realeased without ID-check.

This was followed by jet another conveyor-belt blockade, which was evicted more brutally this time. One of the persons is still in police custody.

It seems the police and the energy company RWE are getting more and more annoyed by activists constantly slipping through the holes in their security net.

For more information check out: hambachforest.blogsport.de