(France) La ZAD prepares for another week of eviction NON A LA AEROPORT

In La ZAD, a zone occupied to stop the construction of a new airport for Nantes, the eviction looks set to continue from tomorrow. La Saulce is now evictable and it is possible the police will also target some of the places that require special forces to evict treehouses and such. Callout for solidarity actions against VINCI, the company who will be constructing. Callout for people here to help. All means to increase awareness.

The police have been evicting la ZAD for two weeks now, only stopping for lunchbreak and the weekends. and the nights.
We are still expecting them to return tomorrow to continue. Theyve been passing by with the helicopter today, having a look around. Since Saturday night la saulce has become legally evictable. La secherie won an appeal in court, and is now not evictable till december, and la rosier also is not evictable til the middle of november.
But it seems likely they will come next week for the places they can already evict, and havent already, mostly la saulce, sabot, and the other cabins that dont have a real 'house' on the property.
There is a lot more info on the website  http://www.zad.nadir.org if you dont read french you can change the langue to english.
get in contact if you want to come over, or just arrive
or do something in your place, the company which build the aeroport is called VINCI (  http://stopvinci.noblogs.org/ ) and they have many things everywhere. They are also responsible for the destruction of the khimki forest (  http://www.khimkiforest.org/ ) in russia for the construction of a highway and the eviction of the protest camp there. There has already been a lot of stuff done to humiliate them in the last weeks it is very cheering.
Let everyone know.
The resistance wont end with eviction.
Need people to help with reoccupation.
Peace and love.