Frack Mob at Industry Greenwash Conference

Action: Frack Mob
Target: Industry greenwashing conference
Date: Weds 2nd November
Time: 3-6pm
Location: Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, London

Be part of the UK's first mass-action against fracking.

Do you care about where you live, your health and the planet?

Then Join us on the 2nd of November for a massive 'frack mob'. This will be the UK's first mass-action against fracking, and what better target than an industry greenwash love-in?

Fracking is in it's infancy in this country, if we are going to kill this thing it has to be now.

This conference is all about large companies shafting the planet in the name of profit. We still have time to cut through the bullshit, scare the investors and tell the companies to FRACK OFF!

Lets expose this Greenwash. Bring:

-Gas masks
-Fracked water (
-Anything that makes a loud noise
-Green body/face paint
-Chalk/giant chalk (
-A desire to have FUN

Fracking companies drill for gas by blasting water, sand and corrosive chemicals deep into the ground to crack the bedrock. Fracking poisons tapwater, causes earthquakes and releases more greenhouse gases than coal.

Invite your friends and get informed:
- Follow @Frack_off on twitter
- Go to

See you on the streets (nearest tube Kensington High St).