Brutal Crackdown on Hangzhou Waste Incinerator Protest Leaves 3 Dead, Sparks Riot

BnSLJE7CcAAZOqf 12th May 2014 At least three people are reported dead with dozens more injured, hospitalized and arrested after hundreds of police began a brutal repression with baton beatings, tasers and tear gas, in a move to clear out 1000′s of proposed waste incinerator plant protesters in Hangzhou.

Social media accounts are reporting that 2 men and a child were killed by police during the initial crackdown. People report that the incident began with the police attacking the elderly people who were sitting as a barrier to the overpass encampment that has been on site in past weeks.

The police violence sparked a violent response from the thousands that were gathered to protest. At least 15 police vehicles, including buses were overturned and some of them burned. The resistance to the police continued in waves into the night.


Several people are reporting that cell and internet service have been cut off. Chinese state run media has yet to report on the incident.

Hundreds of police were sent out today to quell the protest.