Biased policing of the badger cull

West Midlands Hunt Sabs encounter with police 26/9/13

Policing of the badger cull has been overblown and completely biased. If you’re out driving in the cull zone past a certain time and are know to be against the cull your guaranteed to get pulled by police at least once that night, possibly your car searched and if your lucky you'll end up with police following you around everywhere you go. West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs have  filmed some of this behaviour, the first video shows police telling people in the car that they will be followed everywhere they go in the cull zone because of "intelligence" they have.

The second video, the second day the group are being followed by police completely rips apart the police's reasons for following people around

Day 2 of police harassment 27/9/13

While the third video is a conversation with police about what their opinions are of people out in the countryside with firearms.

Day 2 of police harassment: People & Firearms

The fourth video shows the police saying they will hand personal details over to the National Farmers Union, completely disregarding civil liberties and the Data Protection Act and further showing the biased nature of the policing of the cull.

Police hand details over to NFU