After Space for Change

The 'discussion space' on crabgrass is the place to share comments, concerns and ideas about the decision(s) made at Space for Change. Here's how:

1) Go to
2) Click 'log in' at the top right corner
3) Once logged in, select 'join group'
4) And you're in!

If you don't already have a crabgrass username and password you can quickly get one by going to and selecting 'new account'.

3) INTERIM WORKING GROUPS - get involved!

The following interim working groups were set up at Space for Change:

- Tat and Dosh: to maximise the usefulness of our material resources
- Communications: to address ongoing communications and media issues. To learn from and document our experiences
- New structures: to investigate new organisational forms, structures and tactics for possible next experiments.
- Next meeting: to organise a meeting in the next 2-3 months to share ideas about these next experiments

They each have Crabgrass pages that can be found by putting the following after

Then click 'request to join group'.

All of these groups are part of the interim Crabgrass Network 'After Space for Change' which you can join here: Having groups be part of a network is useful to be able to see what other groups are doing.

You can either join the whole network or just one of the working groups.

If Crabgrass is a bit strange to you, check out the help pages here:


In case you missed the statement coming out of Space for Change at Monkton Wyld, it can be read on the Climate Camp website here: