Activists Form Human Pipeline on Flatbush Avenue to Protest Natural Gas Pipeline

Activists say they’re concerned wildlife would be impacted if something went wrong with the pipeline being built in Brooklyn. (July 14, 2013)

Dozens of activists formed a human pipeline on Flatbush Avenue today in protest of a natural gas pipeline that’s being built through parts of Brooklyn.

Parts of the pipeline are already under construction to connect Brooklyn with a pipeline that goes up and down the East Coast. Activists say they’re concerned about the impact the underground flowing gas could have on the borough, wildlife and the environment.

A representative from Transco, the company behind the project, argued that opponents are overlooking the fact that the environmental benefits of natural gas are exactly what is driving the project. It is also the primary reason why the mayor specifically cited this project as key to helping the city achieve its clean air goals, Transco says.

The spokesperson added that Transco has been safely providing natural gas to New York City for more than 50 years without incident.

A public comment period will be held to discuss the project further.