climate chaos

climate chaos

Successful Critical Mass in Worthing


Critical Mass graphic 6

WORTHING'S Critical Mass against the G8 and Climate Change on Saturday April 30 turned out to be a big success in several ways.

saturday club 4x4 antics


the saturday club met this saturday to congratulate the 4x4 drivers of manchester for giving us asthma..causing 25% of all road traffic accidents and for their massive contribution to climate change...

London Motorway Inquiry - Inspector resigns after protests


At the Thames Gateway Bridge pre-Inquiry meeting on Monday 4th April, the meeting ended in chaos, as the Inspectors walked out after uproar from local residents, a protester seized the Inspector's microphone, and was chased around their table by an official. This was a taster for the controversy that is sure to follow if they attempt to bulldoze a motorway through East London. Today, the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister announced that the Inspector will be 'replaced'. This motorway is very similar to the Oxleas Wood scheme which was defeated in 1993, hot on the heels of the Twyford Down direct action campaign.

Parklife Newsflash-occupying the trees

Priory Park white elephant

A team of Parklife climbers this morning began a tree occupation at the site of the proposed F5 road scheme, planned for the A1159 Priory Crescent north, Southend on Sea, Essex.

Protest against G8 climate ministerial, London

15 March 2005

Police arrested two protesters at a noisy demonstration protesting the climate policies of G8 ministers meeting today in the City of London.

About 40 activists beat pots and pans and blew whistles to demonstrate their opposition to G8 climate policies, arguing that they served the interests of big business rather than the world’s poor likely to be most affected by global warming.

Anti coal protesters lock on to Solid Energy: support needed, New Zealand/Aotearoa

Solid Energy HQ protest 1Solid Energy HQ protest 2At 12 noon on Sunday the 6th March 2005, 4 protesters locked themselves on to the entrance way of Solid Energy's head offices in Christchurch.

Linslade – Demonstration - Saturday 5th March 9.15 and more trees threatened


On SATURDAY 5th MARCH @ 9.15 a demonstration against the bypass will be held at the Wing Hill roundabout, junction of A418 and A505.

This is where the bypass is intended to end and six magnificent oaks have already been felled, with seven more marked with the cross of death (these could still be defended with a treehouse if anybody is interested). The local (Tory) MP Andrew Selous, will be at the demonstration. Whilst predictably he remains in favour of the bypass, he has agreed to ask some questions in parliament about the way in which it received permission. There is also the possibility of a Samba band coming along.

Activists disrupt oil industry annual jamboree

Petrol Exchange 3

On the day the world finally enacted Kyoto, the oil industry tried to hold a huge party to say, 'we don't care, it's business as usual'. We hope for at least one evening they've been forced to face the reality of what they're doing.

Climate Change activists STOP London's oil traders

Petrol Exchange 2

Thirty-five Greenpeace volunteers halted trading on the global oil market by occupying the International Petroleum Exchange in London. They entered the high security building near Tower Bridge shortly before 2pm, just as the world market in Brent crude was about to switch to London.

Protestors NOT evicted at Linslade. The protestors retreated under the cover of darkness as a surprise tactic against the Counci


Bucks Council arrived this morning with the heavy mob at Linslade to murder half a dozen more ancient trees. Hundreds of security and police, some on horses, as well as professional climbing baliffs, accompanied the Council goons to evict protestors from the six treehouses.

Linslade anti-bypass protest need people; plus injunction details


Linslade anti-bypass protest site near london (leighton buzzard/milton keynes) urgently need people. They have started cutting trees and a site has been establised.

Look at for more information.

Anti Linslade Bypass Protestors go to Road Builders Bucks County Council

Linslade council banner hang
Protestors against the Linslade Bypass today took there protest to the Bucks County Council Offices in Aylesbury, hanging a large banner on a car park opposite the council offices reading Challenge Car Culture. (Oh the irony!)

Glasgow Critical Mass is reborn!

Critical Mass graphic 131.01.05

Last Friday as the sky over Glasgow turned from orange to blue-black, around 20 cyclists, relative novices to single-speeding dispatch riders, gathered around George Square for the first in what's hoped to become a regular Critical Mass event in the city.

Greenpeace greenwash lecture guerilla-ed

Greenpeace Greenwash 1
The 4th Greenpeace Business Lecture took place on Tuesday 25th January 2005 at the Royal Society of Arts and was delivered by Lord Oxburgh, Chairman of Shell. Greenpeace Business said in advance that ‘The lecture will focus on the future of oil companies in the light of growing evidence on the dangers of climate change.’

Peat processing plant sabotaged, Somerset

At the end of 2004 a peat processing plant near Glastonbury, Somerset, was sabotaged. The Plant processed peat for several companies distributing to Garden Centres. The peat was extracted from areas in and near 5 different Sites of Special Scientific Interest for their ecological value. These sites were within an Area of outstanding Natural Beauty.