climate chaos

climate chaos

alternative energy, films and a poet - Manchester

Get Clued Up Energy

In January saturday club will be focussing on Energy- practical alternatives and the problems with the energy sources we currently use. It will all kick off

Santas Against Excessive Consumption invade Oxford Street

London climate santas 2

On Saturday, the busiest shopping day of the year, activists from London Rising Tide dressed up as Santas and elves and invaded Oxford Street to make the point that excessive Christmas consumption is causing climate chaos.

Violent Repression of High Velocity Train protest in Italy's Susa Valley

Italy train protest


At around 3.30 yesterday morning near the village of Venaus in Piedmont’s Susa Valley, police attacked and forcibly evicted locals and activists who had been peacefully occupying the valley for the past week in protest against plans to construct a High Velocity Train line and tunnel linking Turin with Lyon.

People Needed to stop eviction, Dalkeith, Scotland - update & contacts


Dalkieth Country Park - only seven miles from Edinburgh city centre - is threatened by a road. Three tree protest camps have been set up in the park and eviction notices have been served by the Scottish Executive and local council. People are URGENTLY needed to stay at the site. See Indymedia Scotland for up-dates, more info' and pictures -

Climate change sabotage in Bristol

Global warming coming home it'scoming home it's coming.....

2nd-3rd dec 2005

business goes on as usual, the clock keeps ticking, people arn't making the connection soon enough ,the distruction is speeding up, we are all leaving a carbon-footprint.