Californians Against Fracking Launch Coordinated Protests Around State 30th May


Opponents of a controversial method of extracting oil and gas will deliver petitions to lawmakers around California on Thursday urging them to limit or ban the controversial practice.

Outrage in Oxford as University launches partnership with Shell

Protests from students, staff and alumni as Energy Minister Ed Davey attends opening ceremony


Affirmative: Fracking Awareness North Somerset is go, go, GO! 30th April

Fracking Awareness North Somerset (F.A.N.S) is a new organisation seeking to mobilize community based resistance against fracking. We aim to build a network of groups all over North Somerset to collectively struggle against the insidious threat posed by fracking to our local communities and landscape.

Earth First! Summer Gathering: 7th-11th August 2013

This year's the Summer Gathering will be in the Hastings area near the Bexhill-Hastings Link Road campaign. It will run from the evening of Wednesday 7th August and finish on Sunday 11th August.


Blockade at Fracking Waste Storage Facility

This morning 19th Feb, protesters blockaded a Fracking Waste Storage Facility in New Matamoras, OH. Truck traffic to the facility was disrupted for 2.5 hours. As of this posting, a monopod is still in place on the site.

Fracking Saboteur Sentenced to 6 Months. 13 Feb

Tanner J. Long of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania As far as we can tell, there’s been no clear reason expressed about why he did it.